Would You Say I'm "Successful" If All I Did . . .

Would You Say I’m “Successful” If All I Did . . .

. . .was strive to encourage, motivate, inspire; and on rare occasions, add a piece of wisdom or knowledge to your lives?

A few days ago, as I strove to find something inspirational to add as the daily “mantra” at our Facebook group, “THE NEIGHBORHOOD”; I wondered if spending a long time searching and scrolling was really worth it. You know, one of those “oh woe is me” moments! I wondered if success is ever measured any other way than how much money one’s business brings in annually. Or how many folks follow us on social media; or seek our attention in various ways.

I Have To Admit. . .

I have to admit that I get tired of and pretty cranky about it always being about a business ‘bottom line’. Or about how much profit we plan to make; or how well we plan each quarter. All the cerebral stuff that seems to go into running a business. Actually not just running the business, but being perceived as a success by others.

More importantly, being perceived by ourselves as successful!

Business, Like Life, Is Spiritual!

You may not believe that. In fact, I can hear the scoffing in the distance as I say so. But the truth is there is always a spiritual aspect to everything we do in life. . . most of all in our business pursuits.

Whether our comprehensive business plan considers and includes our Christian faith walk or not. . . the spiritual aspect of who we are will impact one way. . . or another. We’ll either use our maturing spiritual growth to underpin what we do. Or we won’t. We’ll either grow in the Lord. Or we won’t. There’s no in between. We either make it the foundation of our life pursuits. . . or we don’t.

And I believe firmly that if we don’t. . . we won’t achieve real success as Papa God defines success!

Go ahead. . . scoff if you will. But I want the success that fits the character and nature of the Lord. Because I know it’s a lasting success that blesses not just me; but others as well!

And yes, I know I ‘dun gone to preachin’ as the old evangelist used to say; but preachin’ from experience is one of the best ways to help others grow and mature, and yes. . . be successful!

So Back to the Original Question. . .

So what is the answer to my original question? If all I ever do as a Christian woman in the business world is seek to inspire, motivate, inform and educate other women; would you call me “successful”?

Let me frame the question in this manner. If others in our tribe or community pick up the mantle of teacher, mentor and guide and spend their business years being a resource leading to the growth and development of others. . . is that success?

If their role is to encourage personal and spiritual maturity that leads to others achieving what they set out to do. . . are they a success?

What if they never have a large bottom line to which they can proudly point as their “success”? What if they aren’t considered a “business guru”; but have more wisdom in their little finger than the guru’s have in their entire body”.

Who’s the Real Success?

What if the real success behind a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates is the person who daily encouraged them to continue with the dream that became their destiny? Would that person, unknown to all, be as successful as Jobs or Gates?

Would you think so? More importantly, would they think so?

And Is Our Culture Correct?

We live in a culture that deems success the equivalent of money in the bank. Whether in the form of cash, stocks, real estate investments or anything concrete that can be turned into $$$$ and cents.

Behind the person who the culture deems “successful” is someone whose only role has been to encourage, inspire, train, teach, exhort and otherwise endow with wisdom. A person who helped form the character of a mature business woman (or man) living out his or her faith and destiny in the marketplace.

In many respects, they are the successful person who groomed another for a success the world will recognize and label as a “successful person”!

But then again, we are back to the original question. What is success anyway? Will you call me successful if all I do is. . . .

Who Is That Person?

Who is the person or persons in your life behind your success? Do you or can you call them successful whether they have a pot of gold or perhaps no pot at all?

I think that’s one of life’s most pressing questions. Because how we answer it is a fundamental aspect of our maturity and character development. And it will impact how we conduct ourselves in the business marketplace!



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