Women's Sunday Series on Wednesday~Perfect or Perfected?

Too many women believe we have to be perfect. Get it all right – all the time. Never dropping a ball or making a mistake in any area of our lives. And if we’re Christian women; well there’s always someone to tell us that PAPA expects us to be perfect as He is perfect. And as Jesus is perfect.

WOW, a tall order!  Especially since Jesus is the Son of God. 

The truth is it's not about being perfect. It is about being "perfected". And that's a lifelong process.

The truth is it’s not about being perfect. It is about being “perfected”. And that’s a lifelong process.

The truth is it’s not about being perfect. It is about being “perfected”. And that’s a lifelong process. Tweet This

Very different from the idea of perfection.

Another piece of the truth is that we won’t achieve perfection in this life. While we’ve been set free from the confines of a sinful nature; we live in a human body and are limited by its limitations. And by our human minds that crawl around the edges of an old nature like a prowling animal.

WOW, now that’s not very uplifting! However, there is light at the end of the tunnel We are perfectly (excuse the pun) capable of entering into the perfected process. The process of becoming all we are intended to be in the image and likeness of the Son – as PAPA intends we be. His imprint is imprinted into our DNA and the gifts we need to engage the process are within us. Just waiting to be set free because we choose to be free.

Everything in life is a process. Heavenly Father could have snapped His fingers and the universe would have come into being in an instant. But He didn’t choose to do it that way. He took 6 days to do it and rested on the 7th. His Son Jesus came in the most natural human way after 9 months gestation. And Jesus spent approximately 30 years being a carpenter before He laid down the saw and began the walk into His destiny!

The same is true for us. Once we accept the Gift of His Son and engage with Him in the fullness of the Spirit – we are free to become. Free to enter the divine walk that will take the rest of our earthly lives to complete – on this side of the spiritual realm.

When I share this with other Christian women, they want to know how they’ll know they are growing into the image and likeness of the Son. It’s not an easy question to answer; but the answer lies in becoming intimately acquainted with Jesus through the Gospels. Who is He? How did He behave in every life situation? What is His character? 

The truth is Jesus was the most authentic human being we’ll ever meet! He was true to Himself and the Father’s will in every aspect of His being. As a man, he was loving, kind and generous. He was also enraged at times and spoke the truth without parsing a single syllable. He never manipulated or controlled others – and He gave them the choice to believe – or not. There was simply no guile in Him at all. What you saw/see is what you got and get.

For some, being perfected means only in outward appearance which is not to say there’s no internal change. For some Christian women, it’s about how they dress and wear their hair. For others it’s about an inward change that floods every aspect of their lives; turning them around and inside out. 

We can then rejoice in the process and become the woman He intends us to be!

We can then rejoice in the process and become the woman He intends us to be!

Another truth I’ve learned over the years is that the perfected process and outcome may be different for every person. We’re not intended to be carbon copies; but unique and distinct according to PAPA’s plan and what He’s embodied within us. Different talents, native skills and temperaments. Different and unique, but the same process designed to bring each of us to a state of being perfected in accordance with our divine destinies.  Some will appear meek and mild – others will be Peter’s and Paul’s, fired up and ready to go at a moments notice. 

I could on about the process; but it would take a lifetime to do so. The point is we must let go of believing it’s about being perfect, i.e. perfection and take up the call to the process of being perfected. 

Perfected in the eyes of PAPA and never in the eyes of those for whom the process is vastly different. We must leave behind old notions and take up the new. We must let Him take the reins and direct the course of life according to His plan – not our own weak and imperfect understanding.

In that manner and way – we will enter into life with the freedom to be perfected over time – in all aspects. We can then rejoice in the process and become the woman He intends us to be!



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