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Jesus, a strategic planner? Really! Never thought of Him in that way. CLICK TO TWEET

If you’re like me, you probably don’t think of Him in terms of business or professional life. He is after all, our savior and Lord. He died in a horrific way in the hot Judean sun one Friday afternoon. What person – man or woman, would choose such an end to a highly successful career as a teacher, prophet and change agent for so many who hung on His words? Note the words I used to describe His earthly ministry. Not a religious syllable anywhere!

Some years ago, Laurie Beth Jones wrote a best seller entitled “Jesus, CEO“. I heard her tell the story of getting the book published. It was not an easy task as no prominent traditional publishing house would touch it. They said, “it’ll never sell!”

But it did sell and is a classic for many folks in the business world today – believer or not! And it gave birth to an entire series on Jesus as the ultimate model for those of us in business, leadership, training, teaching, coaching and mentoring – to name just a few things women in business are about.

I believe Laurie would definitely agree that Jesus was an expert at strategy. He knew how to plan and execute the plan. He know how to listen for instructions from PAPA in order to get the plan firmly embedded in His mind.  He paid attention to every minute detail and followed the plan perfectly – never straying from the course.

Every action Jesus took had a specific and significant purpose!

It wasn’t just an action with no definitive outcome. Each action had within it the seed of wisdom and knowledge for those who had “ears to hear and eyes to see”.  Wisdom and knowledge they could grasp and put to work in their own lives. Even the miracles He performed were strategically designed to reveal the Father and the Father’s will for His people! As well as the birthright of His Son!

Jesus also understood “timing”. And timing is a critical aspect of strategic planning. “There is a time for everything – everything under the sun!” Without a sense of PAPA’s timing; we’ll strategize and put into action without the outcome we desire. How many times I’ve put a plan of action in motion only to have it fall flat. It isn’t that the action was wrong – it was out of His timing!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Jesus as a role model. My role model! I spoke of his qualities and characteristics as a man – qualities and characteristics I want to emulate and model in my life. But I spoke mainly from a personal perspective. The person I want to be because He is the Person I look to for who I can be in Him.

But He also has much to offer us when it comes to being a woman in small business who has to be strategic in her planning; timely in her actions and ready to accept the outcome when it arrives. Here’s some thoughts I have on the subject I can relate to Jesus and His earthly life purpose:

1. Prayer. Not asking but listening. The perfect prayer is listening for PAPA to speak to us. Drawing away as Jesus did from the everyday hum drum of life to more clearly hear from His Father. Our Father.

2. Reflection. Taking time to reflect on the events of a day, a week, a year or more. Reflection to access a more perfect perspective on our lives. Reflection to gain knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and see them from PAPA’s vantage point.

3. Taking Direction. Taking direction from His Father – not from those around Him. All too often those around us don’t see life from a spiritual standpoint and give us faulty advice that deters rather than directs to the correct path.

4. Patience with the Process. I wonder if I would have had the patience to wait when told that my best friend had died? My first inclination would have been to rush off and save her. After all, Jesus could have done that. But He didn’t. He waited. Because that is what His Father asked of Him in order to reveal another aspect of a new life coming out of the old! Us poor humans seem intent on rushing in to save when that’s the last thing we ought do. In fact, it’s the opposite of what PAPA asks of us!JesusCEO

5. Determination. Determination to see the plan through to the end – regardless of the outcome. Jesus set his face like flint when the time was right for Jerusalem. For the cross. For death and resurrection. Had He wavered – delayed – or rode in too soon; the plan would not have played out as it was intended!

We can use the same Jesus strategies in our lives. In our personal life; but most especially in our professional pursuits. We can pray and wait. We can reflect and gain wisdom. We can take divine direction to the exclusion of those who want us to do it “their way”. We can learn to be patient so that the timing is perfect. 

And we can set our faces like flint when we have absolute assurance that the timing is now – the plan is ripe, and the outcome will be as it’s divinely designed to be.

The strategic choice is ours. . . 



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