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If Jesus walked the face of the earth today; would this be His twitter handle? @JC

Jesus and social media. Question is: would He us it if He walked the earth today?

Jesus and social media. Question is: would He us it if He walked the earth today?

Perhaps the more salient question is this: If Jesus walked the face of the earth today; would He use social media to get his message out to the masses?  

Would He have a group on Linked In for the business folks of the day? Would He populate Facebook with parables and stories to drive home the true Gospel message? And how about some great photos of the crowds that follow Him daily popping up all over Pinterest? Oh my, an image of  Him multiplying the loaves and fishes would go viral.

I suggest He and the disciples use their IPhones to publish a video of such an amazing occurrence on YouTube with the expectation of millions of views! How awesome that the authors of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have their laptops handy to take copious notes so everything is saved for posterity. 

I mean no disrespect; nor do I take lightly the potential that having had social media in Jesus’ earthly ministry days would have been a tremendous blessing for all.  But it is something I’ve pondered thinking of how the internet and social media has transformed modern society. A society that has all but lost the essence of the Message – as well as a firm grasp on Who Jesus was/is and the What of His message.

We live in a PC world! You know, “politically correct”! Jesus was anything but PC. In fact, He told it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. He brought His message to the itinerant, spiritually hungry and thirsty while being a huge thorn in the side of the elite secular and religious leaders of the day.

He took no quarter with those who laid huge burdens on the backs of the common folk in the name of rules and rituals – something religion and religious practices still do today. He didn’t “preach’ at them. He shared His knowledge of the Father and His PAPA’s kingdom with those who had ears to hear – and let the message do it’s magic as the Spirit willed! If we have to give it a label – I believe the much better one is “teacher”. He taught the folks with stories and parables because one can only speak of PAPA and His kingdom in stories and parables that point us to the truth!

A PC world doesn’t take well to persons of Jesus personality and character. One dare not step on other’s toes by stating the facts – and letting the chips fall . . .Besides, Jesus had nothing to “sell”, except truth. The truth of a loving God Who longs to bring His wayward kids back to Him for no other reason than He loves us. A truth very different from the rigidity of religious rules and rituals! 

And a truth very different than that which covers the face of the internet and social media! 

Jesus was (and still is) a provocateurcontroversial and forthright. He didn’t care what others thought. He simply came to fulfill His PAPA’s will and deliver the message that would change the world – at least the hearts of those who heard and responded to the Spirit’s call. Social media doesn’t take well to those who are provocative, controversial and forthright!  In fact, most folks in any society or culture don’t want provocative, controversial or forthright. 

Yet the following is true of such characteristics:

1. Provocative – provokes deeper thought in those who encounter provocateurs. That’s the purpose of being provocative. Gets our attention and causes a pause in our busy daily lives to give thought to something we might otherwise have missed. Jesus was an expert provocateur because He was different than other purveyors of what passed for religious truth in His day!

2. Controversial – oh my, what a transgression to be the source of controversy. After all, religion tells us to be kind, gentle, humble and soft spoken. HOGWASH! Jesus was kind – but never nice (nice is the world’s way – kind is the truth spoken in love). He was gentle when gentleness was needed; but could wither a fig tree with an angry outburst. He also didn’t hesitate to cut the Pharisees down to size with withering words defining their true character and nature.  And then there were the money changers defiling His Father’s house! He was the most “controversial” figure of His day. And He remains such in our day!

3. Forthright – now there’s a word we don’t often hear in our modern technological age! Dictionary.com defines it as: “frank, direct, outspoken”.  Heaven forbid! If we were frank, direct and outspoken on every occasion; we’d lose our follower base and might hurt sales! And it is after all – all about sales. Right?

So have I veered from the point of the post? I don’t think so. I do believe that Jesus would use modern technology if He was walking the earth today. I think He would use whatever would get His message out. But I also believe He would break open the gates of a PC world and knock over the righteous rules of modern day religiosity.  I have no doubt that His provocative manner would get him banned from Facebook and His ability to be truthfully controversial might quickly land him in Google ‘jail’.  And most certainly His forthright “tell it like it is and let the Spirit gather the chips as they fall” would turn those seeking pat answers to tough questions aside – shaking there heads in disbelief. 

Would the outcome be any different? No, not in the least. Modern day religious leaders would consort privately to discredit and dismember Him as quickly as possible. The PC crowd would be aghast and express their aghast-ness publicly for all to see and hear; spinning His message to fit their propaganda . And us common folks eager for honest spiritual truth would wonder whether to call for the release of Barabbas or chime out with loud Hosanna’s at the risk of our lives!

On second thought – I’m glad He didn’t have social media and that his handle remains Jesus, the Christ – Son of the Living God!



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