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There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. Or anything else that’s free as well. Everything has a cost and some things are so expensive, we call them “priceless”!

I’ve heard it said that we ought not pay for anything when starting or building a business. I think that idea comes from so many social media sites that started as “freebies”. If we are astute in our observations; we’ll realize that the “free” didn’t last very long. No one is in business to just break even. Everyone one wants to cover cost and then make a profit. Nothing wrong with that.

But the “free” is now taking a back seat to the “paid” and oftentimes to our detriment (those of us who can’t compete with the big folks willing and able to pay big bucks). So you see; there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” – or free anything. Everything has it’s price to cover cost and make a healthy profit as well.

What does this have to do with Christmas and the birth of our Lord? Everything. . . 

The birth of the Son of God come in the flesh was not without a price. It cost Mary reputation – after all, those around her in tiny Nazareth at that time hadn’t a clue what PAPA had done. It cost Joseph in that he had to accept Mary’s pregnancy was via the Holy Spirit. It cost him the anxiety of not knowing what to do until assured he could take her as his wife with no concern she had been unfaithful. It cost them both in terms of the agony of childbirth under the most excruciating circumstances. And then there was the flight to Egypt in order to protect their son from the wrath of Herod.

Imagine the burden of fear, doubt, and anguish they must have felt as they fled for their lives – and the life of Jesus?

Here’s the deal. We tend to think of “cost” as related only to money. If something doesn’t take money from my pocket – then it’s “free”. I don’t think so!

Everything in life has a cost. And the greater the “gift” – the greater the cost. It may not pinch my purse; but it will pinch me somewhere. Perhaps it will cost me time – an irretrievable commodity for which I pay dearly when I give it away – for nothing!

Perhaps it will cost me some esteem. That precious commodity we call “ego” or self-worth. In order to progress in life and business, I may have to be humbled a bit in order to grow in wisdom and understanding. You know – ‘more of Him and less of me’! Hubris is a tough human condition to give up. We might call doing so – ‘priceless’. 

Jesus came into the world in the humblest of conditions. His earthly parents gave up a great deal to give Him life. Eventually He would give the ultimate gift – His earthly life. And He would do it for you – and me! 

When (and if) someone says to you – don’t pay for anything; ask them if you must pay for their products or services?

Next time a pastor or evangelist tells you the Gift of salvation is “free” – ask them if it has cost them anything? We know it cost the Lord, but is there a cost to us as well?

Of course there is. As believing women, we know that the gift we are ultimately to give is called control. Our response to the Christmas Gift is to give up our reliance on self in order to depend on a loving Heavenly Father we can’t see, touch, taste, hear or feel. We sense His presence and His words resonate in our spirit – but our humanity wants to do it “my way”. After all, is that really God? Is that really what He wants? 

Surrender to Become All You're Meant To Be

Surrender to Become All You’re Meant To Be

Where have we heard those words before?

The gift of our concept of self is the cost we are asked to bear. While we may think we’re pretty spiffy as it is; PAPA knows we are-can and will be, so much more-if only _ _ _. 

As you celebrate the season and the reason for same in the coming week; ask yourself if you are giving the ultimate gift. Or are you holding back just in case?

Personally I know just when I think I’ve given it all – I’m reminded that I have yet to scratch the surface. Or more correctly – to permit PAPA to take me deeper into His Self. And His concept of who I am, in Him!

Don’t fall for the lie that there’s something in life which is “free”. The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is truth! TWEET THIS

A blessed Christmas as you are reminded of the Gift for which we celebrate. And for the gift each of us seeks to be in response!



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