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It took me much of the day; but it’s in the que!

Next Wednesday’s Women’s Sunday Series on Wednesday post. Nearly an entire week ahead of schedule. Why did it take me much of the day? Well there was an appointment out of the office; early dinner in order to attend youngest granddaughter’s last middle school swim meet of the season and a myriad number of other distractions that took me away from the task at hand!

I’m sure women in business who work from a home office can identify – right?  But I digress. . .Healing hands_heal

Another reason it took me much of the daylight hours is that inspiration for the post came in ‘spurts’. In fact, I wasn’t expecting “inspiration” at all. It simply came as I took one of a number of breaks to drink a cup of java and just “think”!  I call such times – “think tank time”!

Inspiration came as I stood quietly ruminating on one of several recent life experiences that still have me shaking my head. Suddenly – it was there. The Title – the first paragraph – then the entire thrust of the content. In fact, it came too fast to hand write it on 4 x 6 cards I keep handy for such times.  Nothing would do but to return to the laptop and start writing – one week ahead of schedule!

As the words and phrases crossed my synapses; I wrote. When there was silence in the head; I stopped to reflect. Then – the words and phrases came again. I chuckle. Even inspiration for a blog post one week ahead of scheduled post time comes as a process. Synaptic activity – silence – reflection – synaptic activity.

Ebb and flow of a blog post!

I share this tiny prologue to wind up the week sharing about BLOGGING!  

Women often ask me how I can blog day after day – after day. “Where do you get your ideas? Where does your inspiration come from?” Well it comes from life! And when it comes, it demands – and commands, my attention. It demands I write and often right now. It commands I do it when the thoughts are hot in the head! 

Inspiration! That’s what fuels a blog post time after time. But where does inspiration come from? It most often comes from life! Life experiences – past, present and anticipated. From wisdom gained over the years that may have meaning for others as well as ourselves. Knowledge – true, tried and tested. 

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The experts will give tips on how to blog; when to blog; where to blog and all the technical know-how we need. But in the end, nothing but our own experiences and the sense we make of them can become the fodder for the next blog in the que. So here’s my thoughts on the matter of blogging. Caveat – I do not consider myself an “expert” at blogging. But I have learned a few things over the past 7 years glued to the keyboard exercising a divine mandate – and fulfilling one of my greatest passions!

1. Know for whom you write! Choose your target audience wisely and then write as if he/she was sitting across from you over a coffee cup. Blogging is conversation – even when it’s only one-way.Storm-Blue-Blog-Banner-2010

2. Take time to reflect! When under the gun to write a post, it will most likely be taken lightly; not researched if research is necessary. Not checked for grammar, spelling or any other language boo-boo’s that may grate on the minds of our readers. Take time to let it say what you want to say. Most importantly what you think your target audience will want to read!

3. Let inspired thoughts guide you! You read and/or experience something that strikes a chord. Seeds of a post begin to form. Words – then phrases – then entire content fills your mind. When that occurs; take note – and I do mean note(s). I use 4 x 6 cards and keep them by the laptop at all times.

4. Most importantly for me – and perhaps for you as well – write ahead! Write Ahead Image 10 10 2014When inspiration strikes; the iron is hot. That’s the time to drop everything else and begin a post. It may only be the title. If so – write it into your blog template; hit “save draft” and wait until the inspired thought begins to come crystal clear. 

5. Use your BLOG que! One of the beauties of most blogging platforms is the “save draft” and “schedule” functions. They permit us to save our inspired thoughts and schedule entire content when it’s fresh. It may not be on your BLOG SCHEDULE until days or weeks in the future – but it’s there for you to post when the time is right! It certainly saves the last minute rush – gives time to review, correct and change if needed. 

There you have it. Not exactly in a nutshell; but some thoughts on how busy women – busy in business and life in general – can blog day after day – after day!  I invite you to take what you need from this post and give it a test drive. 

And if you feel comfortable at the wheel – let it become your blogging mantra for the future! 



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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