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What does it take to move from our comfort zones to unfamiliar territory? Courage? Bold disregard for danger? Tough tenacious nature? Or all of the above?

What it takes is a life experience so profound, that it ignites a great desire to flee the mundane and usual – regardless of the outcome.. Combine that with a willingness to tackle fear of the unknown and down it on the goal line. As long as life throws us nothing greatly out of the ordinary; we’ll remain comfortable while lamenting the fact that nothing significant comes into our lives. 

It does; but we either fail to recognize the unique opportunity held within, or we see it and let fear of change delude us into thinking no golden opportunity exists. 

Life is meant to be lived in the rhythm between desert and oasis. The more vintage we become, the more likely we are to realize this truth and learn survival skills needed for arid and dry periods.

However, most of us want nothing but oases without a need to transverse difficult and dangerous territory! After all, the unknown is frightening because there is no road map to guide our way. If we had a GPS for the trip – there would be no need for the most important survival skill – faith!

Nothing moves me more than a sense of urgency! It comes in various ways; but it comes. Something out of the ordinary that ought not be – but is! Something that suddenly makes the comfortable not the safe pleasant place it has been. The greater the urgency; the stronger the desire to flee! And once I flee – I’m in the land of the unknown and unfamiliar. I’m between fear of the old and comfortable and fear of the new and discomforting. 

My thoughts go in this direction because so many women trapped in the familiar, long to flee. However, they fear what it will take to do so. I want to encourage them to seek profound life experiences that give rise to a sense of urgency.

An urgent need to leave that which pinches to the point of cutting off life’s circulation. I urge them to consider the only route to the next life oasis is the desert ahead. Actually the best route to taste and drink great opportunities.

Fear will be a companion; but when you continue the journey, it will fall behind and eventually turn away. It may have driven you from the hiding place – but it is not the urgency that keeps you on the appointed path.

So today, Thursday, October 16, 2014, if you long to run from the usual, common, and ordinary; rise up and take courage. Answer life with an urgent plea for change. Know that to remain safely hidden is to die in your dreams. Take one step forward to discover that the sand beneath your feet is warm, soft and welcoming. Make fear your friend for it will prod you to take the next step – and the next – and the next. 

Before long – life will become an oasis of which you have dreamed and you’ll wonder what kept you from discovering it before now!



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