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If you haven’t noticed; life is a “waiting game”. The-Waiting-GameAnd us humans – women and men – prefer to have everything instantly. It’s in our human nature. Even us women of faith who are supposed to know that life is a pro-cess; ask and expect to receive as soon as the last strains of our words have floated across space!

We are naturally not patient! I remember my Momma nearly jumping for joy when instant coffee came onto the shelves. No more waiting for the pot to fill before that first sip in the a.m.  But before long, the instant version didn’t come up to the hype, nor pass the taste test! The same is true for fast food. While going through the drive through is convenient and most of the time – quick; it doesn’t pass the healthy test even if the fries and coffee are ‘piping hot’!

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience. Women of faith on track and growing spiritually often find growing into patience is the most difficult lesson of all. And we tend to pray for patience which is the last thing we want to do. Why? Because PAPA will always throw something into our lives that requires us to W-A-I-T! Yep, happens every time we ask for patience.

Another truism I’m learning is that the better our spiritual inheritance is; the longer the wait. The more the outcome is designed to amaze us; the greater patience is required.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I’m writing in this vein because I’ve had to W-A-I-T 2+ years for NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES to come to life! Actually if you count the years prior to discovery of the wonderful software and software folks we use; it’s 7 years. Seven long years of longing for the ultimate outcome to come about.

Now it’s here. Will it be anti-climatic as some folks lament when what they’ve hoped for finally materializes? Not on your life! Will it bring about the deep satisfaction of which we’ve dreamed? For me and our team – yes. For the women in small business who join us? Well our hope and desire is that it’s more than a deep satisfaction for them. Only they can know that!

But I digress. Learning to wait on ultimate outcomes to deeply held dreams and hopes will rarely disappoint us. That is; when we hold on, do as we ‘know’ in our hearts is the path to take and consider the w-a-i-t-i-n-g game to simply be part of the process.  And “process” is defined as: “a systematic series of actions directed to some end” and “a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner”. 

That’s the key! Constant, consistent continuous action taken to bring about what it is we deeply desire and long for over time. When we follow the path less traveled – the one called “PROCESS”, the end game will be as we hoped for. It will be as we hoped for when it is part n’ parcel of our design, destiny and purpose!  And our design, destiny and purpose is written into our DNA. It’s there to be discovered and unearthed. But that is simply the beginning of the process to bring it to fruition!

So today, if you are in the midst of the W-A-I-T-I-N-G game; take heart. Take heart from the 7 years of patience and process it has taken to get NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES to this point in life.

Take heart and don’t give up on the process. Consider it the dramatic difference between a Mickey D’s drive-thru Big Mac, and a sizzling succulent steak at a place like Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

The wait may be excruciating, but the outcome will be delicious!



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