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Life is full of authentic equations that govern our lives.  The simpler they are in written form, the more profound they tend to be. Einstein’s theory of relativity is a perfect example.

In one of the AWI “Success Team” meetings this past Tuesday, I encouraged our members to engage in reflection. Woman-thinking-2Take a bit of time at the close of each day to reflect on the day’s happenings and lessons learned. Lessons learned that can be applied to future ‘happenings’ in order to improve our lives; enrich our knowledge & wisdom and insure our ultimate success.

Without reflection, we tend to repeat the same negative patterns over and over again and wonder why we get the same results!

Some coaching-training guru’s encourage us to deny past ‘happenings’ as if they never happened.  And their advice is to “choose” to negate the emotion/feelings that accompanied them.  My experience is that unless and until we turn and squarely, authentically confront whatever has been a part of our past – and make it our friend, we are doomed to repeat the same outcome – again and again and again. . .

How in the world do we make past experiences our friend? Especially if the past holds horrific events we wish were erased from our memory traces!  We do it by looking them in the “eye”; expressing truthfully how we still feel about it (get it out of our system) and then engage in a practical study of what came from those experiences that we can dub “positive”.  What did I learn? How has it made me the woman I am today? What can I take with me that will improve “me” in the future as I move forward?

There’s much more I could say about the above, but that’s for another post & a different day. The point is that without engaging in a look-backward, we may not come to an all-important revelation. One that changes our entire perspective; opens the door to greater creative thought and infuses us with energy we didn’t know we have.

Thus reflection (that all important brief journey into the immediate or far-distant past) + a new and often sudden understanding may bring us to a dramatic life experience.  One I call revolution.

Revolution changes things. It’s an upheaval that results in something new and different that changes the landscape of our lives much the way political revolutions bring about regime change.  In our case, the former “regime” that controlled our thinking and doing has been uprooted and replaced by something much more positive, creative and energetic!

So my encouragement for the day is to never relegate reflection to the closet of your mind. Let it rule a few hours each evening and take its revelation seriously.  For it’s in the combo of the two that our lives are stogy thinking is turned upside down. And to our delight we find that on the underside is the silver lining we’ve been searching for.

Vive’ le revolution!



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