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Let me say right out of the starting gate that I’m definitely NOT an expert on women’s health and wellness. So that’s not what you’ll get in this post. Hopefully what you will get is my thoughts on being a women of faith who is healthy in mind and spirit, as well as in her body. 

We know that there’s a definite connection between how we think and our physically health. That’s a given. We also know that some deeply held beliefs will actually make us sick. That is if they are “faulty” beliefs. Over the course of 30+ years of dealing with women and men seeking to heal emotionally as well as physically, we dealt with faulty beliefs that actually led to physical illness.

So how do we break the things we “think” that keep us from not only health but happiness? 

Let me share a vignette from my personal life. . .

It was early 80’s and I had just begun a close personal walk with the Lord who, as I’m fond of saying, had just connected my heart with my head.  A dear friend and early mentor gave me a series of tapes called “Roots of Bitterness”. She gave them to me because we were working with a group of young women who had been horribly abused, as well as dealing with significant psychological issues.

As I listened to the tapes I realized that I “suffered” from a sense of abandonment. It permeated my entire life and left me with a sense of sadness that lingered no matter what.

I was in the kitchen when it occurred to me to ask “Lord, am I harboring something deep in my spirit that causes the sense of abandonment?”  As quickly as I uttered the words, I recalled a picture of me when I was about 6 or 7 sitting at the top of a teeter-totter in the park. At the bottom sat my Dad. He was in his Army uniform as he was on leave during WWII.

Immediately I knew what it was! Unconsciously as a child, I had held it against my father for leaving me, my mother and infant brother. No one explained to me why Daddy left; he just did. Although we visited him at then Camp Hood and he came home on leave; I was too young to understand he had been drafted and had no choice. So as a youngster I decided he had simply left me and I was “mad” without realizing it!

Well, I wept, confessed and it vanished! The feelings of abandonment and sadness vanished – swoosh. Gone! What might have ‘dogged’ me my entire life and eventually let to physical symptoms was gone – just for the asking! (Ask and you will receive).

Not all faulty beliefs and thoughts go that easily. When abuse, neglect and horrific life circumstances scar us; we can hide them inside to the point that we develop all sorts of illness – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Just ask a woman who seeks to recover from childhood sexual abuse!

But it doesn’t have to be anything so catastrophic. And certainly not all physical or psychological challenges are the result of faulty beliefs and thoughts. We have free will and can make less than great choices while growing up and into maturity.inner-peace

This piece is entitled “The Healthy Woman”. I can only speak from the psychological and spiritual aspect of being a “healthy woman” as that’s my background and growth in the Lord. What I can tell you is that finding inner peace is the critically key to health – and wellness.

And inner peace comes from an openness to the Lord and His mighty Spirit to cleanse us of faulty beliefs and the vestiges of life experiences. That is not to say we won’t ever experience physically illness. It is to say that our outlook and perspective on life plays a critical role in our overall health, happiness and joy.

Thank you for permitting me to share on a subject about which I know little – physical health and wellness. My prayer for each of you is that you will find inner peace so that nothing can separate you from the Love of the Lord and all that entails – emotionally, spiritually – and physically!

Warm blessings,


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