Woman in Business, Where Does Your Garden Grow?

Woman in business, where does your garden grow?

If we are to grow personally and professionally, we need fertile soil in which to do so. Thus my question “where does your garden grow? Is it sandy soil because that’s all you have in which to plant? Or is it rich dark earth full of nutrients just right for a consistent yield of the best there is!

If we are to achieve the destiny for which we’ve been designed and the success we desire, there are certain essential elements we need. We need the right soil in which to drop our seeds of desire – our product, service, marketing message, etc.

And not just the right soil; but soil with all the proper ingredients; in proper proportion to each other. And mixed together at just the right time.

So personal growth that leads to successful outcomes personally and in our careers as women in business is a bit more complex than we might have imagined. The right soil, with the best ingredients combined in the proper proportion for maximum yield; done so at just the right time.

As a Christian woman in business, I am inclined to leave it up to PAPA God to put me in the right spot (“soil”), at the right time with all the right people joined together for the same purpose. While I don’t deny that’s a good strategy, it’s not the only strategy I need to apply to underwrite a successful outcome. Unless PAPA God specifically tells me to wait on Him to do all the above; I best work out some strategies of my own and try them on for size: Here’s a few I recommend:

3 Tips for Planting Success. . .

  1. Where are others planted? Some say success is not putting down roots where others reside. In other words, the best approach would be to plow new ground and be the first to take seed. While there may be times in our business life when that’s a good strategy; the usual and customary approach is to survey the landscape, see what’s gathering significant notice and plant ourselves in that spot along with the others gathered there. In that field of others, there are varying levels of wisdom, knowledge, maturity and every other ingredient we need to grow personally – and professionally!
  2. Where are the leaders and well-to-know planted? It’s good to find those who are known as leaders. And those who are well-known in a business field similar to ours. Such folks attract a very different following who also tend to be leaders in their field. Letting them teach and guide us for a season can be much like rain upon a parched field after months of drought.
  3. Where are TRIBES that are growing and becoming? I recall admonishing a friend who loved to plant tulip bulbs singularly in a row. They were, of course, not nearly as attractive blooming alone as they would have been planted in groups about the property. 

The same is true for women in business. And most especially Christian women in business. While it has nothing to do with attractiveness, it does have to do with what we can be for each other. Mentor, coach, guru, Momma, Poppa or soulmate if needed. The benefit of being part of a tribe, community, group – whatever we call where we hang out; is the mutual benefit we are to each other. What I don’t know – you do. And what you don’t, I do! And if neither of us has the answer, there’s bound to be someone in our tribe who does! Going it alone is never the best strategy for success – in life or business!

Note none of my recommendations suggest we plow new ground, drop our seed in the soil and wait for others to come provide the nourishment needed for success!

There are times and seasons of our business life that require us to travel on our own; seek soil as yet unturned and untouched; but those times are rare. And they are not for everyone. For most of us, we grow best when planted where others are already blooming and the newbies are eager to do so as well.

Most of all, success demands we plant among those who warmly welcome us and ask, without prompting, “how may we serve you?” TWEET THIS 

This concludes an introductory series on personal growth as it relates to business (and life) success. Next week I begin a “What If” series. “What If” asks crucial questions about where, when, why and how to make decisions that help us grow and become the successful women in business we want to be. 

Stay tuned. . . 



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