With Whom Must I First Be Real?

With Whom Must I First Be Real?

Good question.  Answer apparent! Of course, that person is “me”. Or in your case – you!

Last Friday, I shared a glimpse of the life-defining moment I had early morning of May 2, 1981. It came because PAPA God troubled my human spirit and prompted the words, “Lord, am I a phony“, from which came a change the spiritual world calls “metanoia“, meaning spiritual conversion or awakening! I shared it for the following reasons:

  1. The timing to do so was right
  2. I felt a sense of urgency to say – out loud – who I am and how I came to be who I am at this moment in time
  3. Because it is important for Christian women who are in business or at least in the world of commerce to know that spiritual growth and development underpins the success they desire
  4. And that PAPA God wants them to be successful. . . but He also wants to teach them the true meaning of “success”. . .
  5. Which now brings me to the question of with whom must I first be real!

Last week’s commentary was about being “genuine”. This week’s is about being real.

A Confession!

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed a change in how I live out my faith commitment. It seems that the spiritual aspect of me has melded into the day-to-day aspect of me-living-in-the-material-world.

But that’s not the confession I make. I confess that I don’t always feel like I’m becoming more like the Lord which is the object of the journey of spiritual growth in the Christian faith.

I get angry! I mean REALLY angry. And when I do; words come from my lips that one would hardly say are words Jesus would have said. That is unless it’s “whitened sepulchers” or “brood of vipers”. I like to console myself with the thought that what comes from my lips is akin to what came from Jesus’ lips when he was righteously angry with the religious folks of His day! I also know that he that is in the world loves to needle the flock with accusations, confusion and doubt.

However, that’s not the subject of this post. What is, is the fact that we are who we are – in the Lord. We’re not perfect, nor is the end result of the journey to be our perfection. At least in the material world.

Nor are we expected to always be ‘goody-two-shoes’ as so many believing folks attempt to do.

So What’s A Gal Supposed to Do?

We are called to be authentically real. As real as we can be at any given moment in time throughout our Christian journey.

And that includes those times in life when we are in the world of commerce – whether as Christian women who own or are a partner in business, or share our talent, skills and knowledge on behalf of another’s business!

Having said this, in no way am I suggesting I would let go in the world of commerce with the ‘salty-sailor’ language which creeps from my lips when humanly angry. It does mean that I own the not so pretty me as a child of the Lord who is still growing in Grace.

And it also means that I trust God to exercise direction over every aspect of my life – whether when human or righteously angry, or attempting to set the record straight for a loved one who is missing the mark the same as me!

The question, “What’s a gal supposed to do?” is answered when we can honestly confess our ‘growing edges’ with others as an exercise in REAL-ity – trusting God’s Grace in our vulnerability.

But we have to get there first. And that’s another aspect of what the journey is all about.

REAL-ity and Business

In case you haven’t guessed, the point is that success is in the journey; not the outcome.

In our businesses, or our daily chores for another’s business; it’s the growth that occurs through relationships as we journey together. . . not the outcome.

PAPA God will bring those across our paths whose purpose is our mutual growth and development as Christian women. If we seek to play hide n’ seek; we’ll miss the opportunities for growth. We may also miss the opportunity for the sale!

Most of all, we may miss the opportunity to impact our world in such a way that others grow in grace and wisdom too.

REAL-ity is learning to be comfortable in our own skin and inviting others to be comfortable too. That’s doesn’t change when we put on our professional garments and head out the door to grab the brass ring. In fact, Christian women in business ought be known for the difference they bring to the material world.

A difference that is noteworthy because it is an authentic air of REAL-ity!

We’ll never achieve that difference is we don’t first get REAL with ourselves. And doing so requires permitting the Lord to eyeball us each day and impart the truth to us regardless of how it may alter our egos!



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