Wise Up Woman of God!

Living in the Muck & Mire. . .

There are those who love dirt. No matter what life brings; they will choose to live where life is dirtiest. And I don’t mean earth’s dirt. I mean the yuck that sticks to us when we persist in being our own worst enemy to the detriment of others.

This week’s words are fraught with tough love for those who grovel and grumble while manipulating sympathy from naive folks who’ve yet to learn better.

Get It Together!

I would have written “get it ALL together”, but that’s just not possible. Life is a journey and as we transit it; the best thing that happens is we grow and change – change and grow. So there’s not an “ALL” that can come together without the fact that the next step in the journey may be ALL falling apart!

What I mean is regularly taking stock of who I am as a woman of God; permitting PAPA God to define me as He takes me from one mile to the next in the journey of a lifetime. Taking stock of who I am and what He’s doing in and with me helps me be a more authentic version of myself with greater transparency and less self-centered focus on “me”! I believe the Book says “more of Him and less of me!”

But Why; What For and For What Reason?

What does any of this have to do with overcoming the obstacles we may face as a Christian woman desirous of achieving success in business – as well as personal and professional life? And what in the world does it have to do with reveling in the dirt and living with muck and mire?

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES to OUR SUCCESS!  There are obstacles and then there are obstacles. Lack of education, information or knowledge can be overcome by seeking and gaining what we need to know to get a leg up on the competition – which most often is me, myself and I!

The obstacles about which I speak are those related to what lies within. Within my soul. Within who I am or think I am which is shaped by life experiences from birth to this moment. Perhaps behaviors shaped by lack of confidence in self because one was ill treated growing up. Or some other trauma (or perceived trauma) which remains unresolved. Anger, bitterness, jealousy. . . negative emotions that color our everyday lives and distort an otherwise pleasant outlook on life. And on others.

Festering negative emotions stuffed deep in our souls, will at some point come roaring up to destroy business, relationships, marriage; everything important to us.

That my dear sisters in the Lord is what I mean by “get it together”. Pack all that yuck in a bag; take it to the Lord using any means He directs and let it go. Your business, personal and professional life depends on it! 


The Sick at Heart!

The truth can be hard to bear. Some folks are simply sick at heart.

There are those in and out of the kingdom who prefer to grovel and grumble about life. Some tend to be perfectionists for whom anything less that without spot or blemish is subject to a diatribe of bitter words designed to tear away our positive self image.

They manipulate our emotions and spin our words until we wonder which of us is crazy. If we are the least bit naive about the ways of narcissism; we’ll fall into the trap every time. We’ll sympathize, empathize, and apologize seeking to restore equilibrium to a relationship not worth saving for any earthly reason. These folks are truly sick at heart. They don’t deserve our sympathy. . . or apology. They do deserve to reckon with a mature decision to walk as far from them as possible to walk! And be courageous enough to stay there.

If I do not walk as far as possible; then I am complicit in their sickness. I have chosen to join them in the muck and mire of life; eventually groveling and grumbling about everything that does not live up to my standards. Call it the “Stockholm” syndrome of being held captive to a sick and disheartening lifestyle. To the terrible blight we call narcissism.

Standing Tough. . .

Woman of God; do you want to succeed? In business and life in general? Do you want to mature in your walk with the Lord and build a business that does Him proud? Do you want a joyful marriage and emotionally healthy children? Most of all, do you want to fulfill your God-given destiny and be an oak tree where once an acorn lay?

If the answer to the above is a resounding “YES”; then you have to take tough stands. First with yourself; then with those around you. . . family, friends, neighbors, business associates. You have to make a decision to always seek the righteous road to achieve your dreams. You must choose your companions carefully. And if you suddenly discover that someone loves the muck & mire and seeks to have you join him or her there; bravely step away until the air you breath is fresh and fragrant.

If on the other hand, there are obstacles and challenges in your life you suspect may be flowing from a wounded soul; then run. Run to the nearest safe place and trusted person who can help you overcome that which would seek to overcome you.

Your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness depends on it. So does your place in the Kingdom and success in all you desire in life.



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

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