Wisdom for the Faint of Heart!

Smooth Sailing & Fairy Tales!

One of life’s most valuable lessons is to learn that life is not always smooth. The paths of our lives may not be fret-free. In fact, truth is; we don’t want them to be. Consciously we do; but deep in our souls we know that smooth sailing doesn’t make an accomplished seaman (or seawoman). For that matter, smooth sailing is a concept that  exists only in fairy tales and visions of the forlorn.

Well Then Why Not?

Why is it not the best of the best to never encounter an obstacle along the paths of our lives? After all, if I don’t have to experience pain, heartache, set backs and utter failures; I can have everything I want. . . and more. Without feeling an ounce of anything but euphoria from waking moment to waking moment! That to me is more than I could hope for or possibly imagine!

There’s A Method In God’s Madness!

There’s a distinct method to the fact that PAPA God designed life to have bumps, bruises, broken limbs and hearts along the way. It’s called ‘maturity’. Growth – wisdom – whatever one calls the process of growing up! Accepting the fact that life isn’t and won’t be perfect is the 1st step in finding peace in the midst of chaos.

So how come we can’t have a perfect life without a single hiccup along the way?

Don’t Blame It On Adam & Eve!

We know the story of the first couple who screwed up big time and ruined a perfectly perfect garden of life for the rest of us. But blaming them won’t change a thing and will only be a source of discouragement as we face misstep after misstep. Even if we walk carefully, never stepping on a crack; we’ll face desperation, even despair; at times. That is until we learn the value – even the benefit of those gosh-darn obstacles blocking the road to our hopes, dreams and desires.

Psychology 1!

The truth is that the human ego is a tough nut to crack. Our insistence on being an independent soul without need of a heavenly mentor is what got humankind in trouble to begin with. We think we know best. And when we persist with a life of “I know best’; then more times than not I will find my human decisions lack the heavenly wisdom needed to succeed. The harder my heart and head; the longer it takes for me to learn the lesson that PAPA knows best!

Of course, there’s much more to it than that; but the simplest ‘gist’ of it is we are aware of self and think self is numero uno; thus shutting us off from the flow of divine guidance that helps us avoid many of life’s pitfalls. That’s it.

And because “that’s it”; our Heavenly Mentor sits back and let’s us step in earthly do-do until we give up and give over to His out of this world wisdom and advice!

There Really Is More To It Than That – Right?

What about those times when calamity befalls us or someone close to us for no apparent reason? Those of us who have come to know the Lord and are seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness; but still find do-do on the path!

Didn’t He say in the Book that in this life we’d have troubles? Yes, I think He did and we can bank on that fact. That in this life we will find stuff looming before us. Stuff that has a distinctive odor, is nasty to behold and not at all pleasant to be around. Stuff that stops us in our tracks and scares the living daylights out of us. Stuff that we didn’t do anything to deserve – or so we think. Stuff that is unbecoming to a believing heart and mind.

It’s there because that’s the way things are. PAPA didn’t promise a rose garden. He did promise to hold our hand and help us walk through the thorns and briers with as little damage as possible.

Is It “It Is What It Is“?

I’m fond of saying “well, it is what it is!” And there’s truth in that statement –  that life is life. That storms come and fears rise. That times will be tough and we won’t think we can go on; but then a strong wind of courage from whence we hardly know blows beneath us and we rise above the storm. Or the wind of courage takes us right through the difficulty almost totally unscathed.

Truth in the case of wisdom for the faint of heart is that PAPA God has hold of us even when we think He has not. Our beating heart at the end of the storm is the sign of hope we need to carry on. And the next time we encounter another of life’s hapless moments; we’ll find that we have a knowledge – and out-of-this-world wisdom we never had before.



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