Will the Real Me Kindly Stand Up!

Will the Real Me Kindly Stand Up!

The longer I live the more I realize that the search for knowing myself is life long! And the truth about who I am changes from time to time – season to season. It changes because each season brings its own unique circumstances that force me to become a more authentic version of the true me!

The true me lies beneath layers of lies and half-truths fed to me over the years by both significant and not so significant folks who impact me and leave a mark on my soul.

The question is not some esoteric, other-worldly one meant only for philosophers and mystics to ponder. It’s part of the eternal journey upon which all of us embark from the time we first pull ourselves onto our two feet and venture forth. But the answer continues to elude most of us simply because the truth lies at depths our consciousness cannot reach.

Perhaps Carl Has the Answer! 

Carl Jung’s observation is brilliant. We come into life as a uniquely created –  and creative, package. We are our parents “bundle of joy”. All we need to fulfill the destiny for which we are designed is within our DNA – in the marrow of our bones and the depths of our unconscious.

We’re a mystery to be unraveled and solved. As we speed through the days and years of life; we must fling off that which is not authentic, leaving our genuine self exposed for the world to see. And for the world to be a bit better off simply because it collides with the real me!

Jung considers the greatest privilege of life is the journey of becoming who we are. Who we “truly” are. But how do we know. How do we know when we’ve reached the core of our authentic self and can rest in all its fullness and joy?

Why Does It Matter?

Great question. Most folks don’t care all that much. They are content with who they are at any given moment; content with perhaps using only about 2% of their full potential and coming to the end of life with few, if any regrets about not having reached the heights to which they were originally designed.

In fact, most folks don’t realize they were designed for more. We may lament such an approach to life because we know how important the question is for us personally, as well as those with whom we share all or a portion of life.

The Truth Is It Matters – And A Great Deal I Might Add

The truth is – it does matter! It matters because the less we become who we truly are; the more likely we are to not achieve what we desire. We don’t achieve it because the truth is; others seek out those who are authentic, raw and real.  We are drawn to those who know themselves well, are comfortable with who they are, and non-apologetic for their authenticity – even when their authenticity is less than lovely!

For Christian women in business who seek, through our business endeavors, to be the light of the Lord in a darkened world; accepting Jung’s premise that the privilege of our lives is to unwrap the gift we are from a loving authentic God is an imperative. It’s a gotta, gotta gotta. Gotta do it and keep on doin’ it until all that’s left is “me”! Because as we shed that which is not real and embrace that which is; we’ll be amazed at how we are much like nectar that attracts the most beautiful life has to offer.

In simple words; the more I become “me”; the more people will be drawn to me and become a part of my life. As teachers, mentors and coaches; as well as students eager to learn from what I have experienced and come to know.

I must be totally honest. The subject of this post was prompted by a video on Facebook entitled  “8 Signs of Fake Nice People You Need to Be Aware Of” from “Great Big Minds”I thought about how the more we become our authentic self, the less we are likely to be considered “fake” by others. Our success in anything we pursue in life – be it business or a profession, depends on being perceived as real. No, it depends on BEING REAL!

Can I Ever Really Know Who I Am?

I think that’s the $64 million dollar question. I suspect not entirely, because we are so much deeper and wider than we ever imagined. There’s a world beneath our consciousness that most of us rarely – if ever, touch. Yet, we can know enough to become increasingly more real, authentic and transparent. We can become more of who we truly are.

Not only will that lead to finding a level of success in what we choose to do with our lives; but it will lead to being comfortable in our own skins. 

Ultimately that’s the best we can ask, hope and pray for.

So let me encourage each of us to get started now shedding the unreal in order to reveal a richer, more vibrant real me as we journey toward becoming who we are truly meant to be!



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