Why Neighborhood Boutiques?

NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES is not our passion. We’re passionate about women having every opportunity to fulfill their God-given destiny. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES came to be!

Women deserve every opportunity for success! Success they define for themselves. I once read a billboard with the following message: “The world’s largest untapped natural resource is Women!”

Women bring to the world something unique that has long gone unrecognized. Although over the past decade or so, women have enjoyed greater recognition, the “gender gap” still exists.

This is especially true for women in business. Women who struggle as solo-entrepreneurs. Women who start, manage and grow a business other’s consider “small”. Women whose faith is an integral part of their lives. At home.  And in their business! Women all too often lost in the shuffle of a busy world focused only on the big and powerful!

Jennifer Sakowski

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