Why I Don’t Do What I’m Meant To Do!

Setting the Stage. . .

It occurred to me this past week that I have been deliberately avoiding what I’m meant to do. Not all of it mind you, but the most important part. And the part to which income and future financial security are linked.

It’s not that I didn’t suspect I was walking around my destiny; I just simply ignored the fact. I found a myriad amount of excuses as to why I wasn’t moving forward. . . with or without the support needed.

I comforted myself by reminding myself that I had been online in some capacity for 10+ years and had connected at some point with well over 1000 women I might never have known otherwise. I posted doses of daily encouragement, enlightenment and inspiration. I steered the success of “The Connection Station” community on the NING platform to over 900 members (at no cost to members!) where I met our business associate Jennifer Raney Sakowski. And in the process, learned more about technology than I envisioned or anticipated.

I tweeted daily; became enamored of Pinterest for a brief moment; posted daily to Google + and took to Facebook like a storm. One would think that such activity over a 10+ year period would have been fulfilling my destiny. Certainly knowing that women were being empowered, encouraged, inspired and enlightened should be a source of encouragement to self and reason for a small pat on the back.

Yet, it still wasn’t what I’m meant to do. In fact, the years of engaging in all the above have simply been preparation. For what I’m meant to do. . . but still don’t do. Until now. . .

The Problem. . .

The problem is a limited mindset. Call it fear-doubt-whatever. The truth is I simply was selling self short because I had closed my mind to how I might be of value from a financial standpoint. In short. . . what do I have to offer? How could I take what I’ve learned over all the years; turn it into an online course or online training and make it financially supporting? I had handcuffed my mind and thus the fulfillment of my destiny!

You see, the biggie in online business in 2019 and beyond is knowledge e-commerce. The rage is education delivered to your laptop or tablet for you to ingest at your convenience. Heck you can even take a course, get accredited using your smart phone. Who would have thought. . .

The AWI team is right. We need to be in knowledge e-commerce – online courses, web events, etc. Anything and everything that helps business women; especially Christian business women achieve the success they desire. All sounds great and when Jen and I talked about it; I was excited. I still am.

But the question I asked myself as I clicked “end call” was “what’s my place in this marvelous plan”? What do I bring to the table? What in the world do I know about which I can write, present and sell in an online course beneficial and valuable to Christian business women? That’s the PROBLEM!

What’s Stopping Me?

What has been stopping me is a fear that I don’t have what it takes. I look at over 50 years in the marketplace – 37 of them as a born again Christian woman gifted by the Holy Spirit; and wonder what I have I can turn into something business women would want. I remind myself that it’s not about what I a mere mortal can do; but what Papa GOD will do through me; but that has not helped to solve the problem. Intellectually I know that I’ve been graciously gifted for doing what Papa GOD asks of me; but intellectually I still question “what do I bring to the table”? 

It’s not fear that stops me. . . it’s permitting my humanity to engage with the Spirit to Just Do It!

Are You Like Me?

Is something stopping you from doing what you are meant to do? Are you gingerly stepping around your destiny for an unknown reason? Or are you pretty sure you know what the problem is; but avoid confronting it head on?

Even the most confident women in business or some area of professional life will meet this obstacle at some point in their public life. I’ve had them in private practice and listened as they found excuse after excuse for naming the ‘Buddha on the road’ as anyone but themselves! Never really believing they could transition from one aspect of business or profession to the destiny for which they were born and are now ready to execute! Call it lack of self-confidence, fear, doubt or what have you. The outcome is always the same. Failure to unwrap the gift of God; put it on and then share with others. . . 

Looking the Buddha In the Eye!

I use the “Budda on the Road” analogy based on a famous book from the early ’80’s entitled “If You Meet The Buddha on the Road; Kill Him! The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients “, by Sheldon B. Kopp, because it’s “a fresh, realistic approach to altering one’s destiny and accepting the responsibility that grows with freedom.”

I’m delighted to say that I have met that beast on the road of life, and am in the process of taking a fresh realistic approach to altering how I view what I have to give and accepting responsibility for doing so. In that, I confess to a huge sense of freedom. Freedom to pursue. . . and do!

Having confessed to ‘killing’ that which stood in my way of doing what I’m meant to do; I’m chomping at the bit to do it! I’ve found the key to stepping up to the plate and plan on hitting the ball out of the park!

The Moral of the Story. . . 

The moral of the story is this: Even when we fail to trust our own knowledge, expertise, skills and abilities related to fulfilling what we are meant to do; trust the Lord. And take quiet moments to reflect and ask. Ask what you have that others might want. He knows who is out there just waiting for what you are struggling to do.  Then take a deep breath and JUST DO IT! 

It will be a darn shame if you don’t. . . 



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  1. Jonie on February 6, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Very thought provoking. Thank you for your transparency.

    • Linda S. Fitzgerald on February 12, 2019 at 12:40 pm

      Thanks much Jonie. You are the woman who gave me the idea with your provocative comment about “going deep”.

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