"Which Mountain is Mine?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

Last week I went off on a bit of rant about ministry in general and what it is in a more specific context than is currently viewed by conventional wisdom. In my heart and mind, this is an extremely important subject for women of faith to explore and discover where each of us fits into the entire ministry spectrum. From a more 5170415742_2267281504_btraditional approach to one called “7 mountains”.

More importantly, I feel in my heart and mind that we need to find the fit for our businesses as well. Are we called to an open somewhat in one’s face style ministry? Or one a bit more “covert” so that those leery of the “in the face” types (many who have been deeply wounded by such an approach) are drawn to us simply because we are who we are in Him?

One of the best known 7 Mountain advocates is Dr. Lance Wallnau. Basically, the approach is that PAPA never intended a separation we call “sacred” and “secular”. In other words since all is in PAPA’s Hands, all is of Him and therefore of the divine. Humans, through religion and religious organizations have produced the separation and reserved “ministry” for what folks calls the “sacred”.  So ministers are found in churches and/or religious organizations and the rest of us are somehow on the outside looking in and wondering what our purpose is since we’re in the marketplace in some capacity. 

Yet the marketplace is one of the 7 Mountains believers are meant to occupy in His Name. And not just occupy but sit atop, manage, direct and hold for heavenly purposes. From Lance’s website: 

“7M” stands for the seven domains that shape the minds of nations. They are the ultimate powers that mold the culture. The 7M world is made up of:

  • Family
  • Religion/Faith
  • Education
  • Government/Law
  • Media/News & Commentary
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Business/Economics”

In PAPA’S economy, He intends His folks take each of these mountains and occupy, manage, control and otherwise hold in His Name so that the culture is shaped by God’s intentions – not man’s!

Wow, major mandate for us women of faith in the marketplace in some capacity. Especially major when we consider that most of us are women in micro-business and just holding down our own business fort requires laser-focus, total dedication and determination. 

All that and take a mountain as well?!

Okay so I buy the concept. I’m convinced that there’s a mountain in the culture that has my name on it. Not that I have to scale it alone, but that I join those called to do so and add my shoulder to the plow moving forward. How do I know which mountain?

Each of us is born with a specific purpose and destiny imparted to us by Heavenly PAPA. It’s in the genes – in our makeup. It may not be natively obvious at first blush, but the propensity is within to develop certain skills and abilities which will provide us the tools necessary to reach the summit of our desires and dreams. Dreams, by the way, placed there by you know Who!

And then there’s passion. A passion or driving force – call it “motivation” that rises up within us. It may take years to come to fruition, or it may arrive suddenly on the scene when we are quite young and begin to unfold immediately. The timing is not ours. Our ‘job’ is to let it become. Get out of the way and let PAPA do His thing with us and with the passion which is drawing us to our ultimate destiny. 6629875515_a5fb1415db

It’s at the juncture of passion and purpose that we’ll begin to discover the mountain to which we are drawn. We’ll meet folks camped out there whose passion and purpose resonate with our own. And while there will be an ‘itch’ in our soul for that place and the folks there, we may have difficulty scratching it until we surrender our perception of how life is to be, to the Father Who knows how it’s meant to be.

How long that takes may be entirely up to us. . . 

In a world culture that would seem to be going to hell in a hand basket, the thought of well-balanced mature believing women (and men) occupying the 7 mountains of culture and managing them PAPA’s way seems lofty to say the least – and out of humanity’s reach at best. Yet with Him all things are possible.

I encourage each of you who takes time to read this and thoughtfully considers the 7 Mountain mandate, to spend time letting PAPA reveal to you the mountain on which your name is inscribed. Let it be a new revelation or the renewal of one you long ago relegated to the background of your life for whatever reason. 

But let it be a revelation nonetheless. It just may be that success in our micro-businesses is a direct result of finding the mountain peak to which we and many others have been called to conquer. 

And conquer we must!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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