"When Silence Is Golden" – Women's Sunday Series!

Have I said this before? Seems that I have, but then it bears repeating. . .silence-is-golden

When we come to prayer, silence is truly golden! In fact, the term “come to prayer” is a misnomer, because our lives are to be one constant prayer!

Wow, Fitzgerald – how can we possibly make our lives one constant prayer. I mean we have obligations and demands that call our attention moment by moment. And you suggest that our lives are to be “one constant prayer”?

Since coming into an intimate personal relationship with the Lord and His PAPA, I’ve learned much about many things – spiritual, personal and professional. What I’ve learned is that much of what we learned in Sunday School and from what I call “professional Christians” is not true. Or at least, it’s misguided and taken from a misunderstanding of Scripture and PAPA’s purpose for our lives. We’ve interpreted God’s things from a human perspective.

So we say “come to prayer”. Or “shall we pray” as if it’s a one time activity at a certain time of the day (or for many – time of the week). Much of the blame is church as we’ve come to know it – a “world’s” church, and pretty worldly at that.

The wonderful Greek word “ecclesia” has gotten construed as an organization with certain rules, regulations, dogma’s and doctrines that have only an ounce or two of Biblical fact in them. At least as we know “church” today. But that’s another bias for another day!

Wow, off on a tangent not remotely related to this post!

Prayer is a relationship between two people – me or you and Heavenly Dad. We have the wonderful privilege of this relationship when we accept PAPA’s Son and what He did to re-unite us to His Father. It is much more than just belief. It becomes a living relationship. And “living relationships” communicate. We chat – we laugh, cry, scream, shout, hug and love.

We share our deepest, darkest secrets because we know in our gut that we can truly trust the other.

We share our fondest hopes and dreams. And those outlandish things we wouldn’t dare tell just an ordinary friend!

So why do we think sharing with Heavenly Father is any different? Is it that we’re intimidated by the “thee’s” and “thou’s” the professional Christian’s use? Do we try to recapture a format we learned years ago in Sunday School or from early mentors?  Do we simply repeat the Lord’s Prayer because it’s the model given us in Scripture and we think it’s what we’re supposed to repeat?

Or, is it that we can’t imagine the Creator and Maintainer of the universe would want us to chat with Him?be anxious in nothing

St. Paul tells us not to fret about anything. . . anything, nada – nothing!  Instead he tells us “pray about everything; tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank Him for His answers.” Further Paul says if we do this, we’ll experience PAPA’s peace which is beyond all human understanding and comprehension! By the way, Paul was also the one who wrote that we should pray without ceasing!

Now to me, to pray without ceasing is to pray always. And always means constantly. In other words, our lives become one constant prayer. Or continuous conversation with the author and finisher of our lives and the faith in which He seeks to bring us.

The rub seems to be not so much in praying about everything; but how to pray about everything! How to have conversation with a Person we can’t see, hear or much of the time – comprehend. Doesn’t that seem like a one-way conversation? We talk – He listens.

If we’re expecting prayer to be nothing more than submitting our needs and the needs of others to a Person who’s making a list and checking it twice; then we’re whistlin’ Dixie in the dark. If that were the case, He wouldn’t need us to talk with Him at all as He knows our needs and the deep longings of our hearts without us saying a word.

I’ve labored long enough without getting to the point. Here’s some things I’ve learned over the years about a life of prayer and the silence that is golden. . . 

1. PAPA will lead us in learning how to pray for everything over the life of our spiritual growth and maturity. We only need be open to His leading and permit ourselves to be cognizant of it. . . 

2. At some point, we’ll recognize that we often don’t have to say a word. That He already knows. He will nudge us to use His words in conversation – not our own. . . 

3. When we are open and brave enough to ask as we’re instructed to do – He will respond. It may not be the answer we want or hope for; but it will be the right answer for the situation or circumstances. . .

4. PAPA does speak! We only think He doesn’t because we’re doing all the talking. Somehow the thought of sitting quietly waiting for Him to take up His side of the conversation doesn’t happen. At least until we shut up. . .

5. When life is toughest, He may not speak. Reason being He wants to draw us closer – sort of like playing hide and seek. . .

6. As we mature spiritually and come to a greater understanding of PAPA and His ways; we ‘ll become comfortable with the silence. .God Wants To Talk To You

7. When we become comfortable with the silence, He will speak to us anywhere, anytime. He’ll interrupt our train of thoughts. In fact, He’ll become our train of thoughts as we grow more in Him. But only when we’re mature enough to be absolutely at peace with silence. . .

And when we’ve become so accustomed to Him – and understand how He is with us; the silence will be golden. It will answer our every need and bring us to the peace He desires we have every moment of the day. 

Now – go and live a life of constant prayer. . . 

With warm blessings,


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Image Sources: The Silence of Sunset by ColoSiebels, The Sobriety Network on Pinterest, God Talks To You

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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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