WHAT IF Success Is Asking the Right Questions?

WHAT IF Success Is Asking the Right Questions?

Learning to ask the right questions is a skill women in business need to learn. Business-related or simply relative to life in general; the questions we ask are often more important than the answers we receive. Certainly more important than the reason for which we ask them!

When an active professional therapist; I quickly learned that the most important aspect of working with women who felt “stuck” in life was learning what questions to ask. (I chuckle as I write this because in training I was taught not to ask questions. Not sure how one does therapizing without doing so!).

Women, Success & Community!

Last week, I promised to say more about building community because that’s what our organization, Affiliated WomenBusiness Women in Community International (AWI) and our Neighborhood Boutiques is about. I asked questions that suggest building community might be the best answer we have to reaching business success.

  •  A different road to business success for women in business the world over. 
  • Christian women. 
  • Women who seek a safe place to share our faith; our vulnerabilities as we grow personally, professionally and spiritually. 
  • Women with whom we identify simply because what they deal with is what we deal with as well. And together we’ll find the answers we need to succeed in the fulfillment of our ardent desires! 

Before making a decision if being part of a community is right for us as business women; especially Christian women in business; it’s important to know what community is. One of the best and most definitive statements I’ve read is included in a post by Lori Gosselin, author of “Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age“, entitled “I Call It Community”.  

Lori states: “Human beings are social creatures. We gather for kinship, camaraderie, support and comfort. In these groups, we benefit from cooperation, collaboration, and meaningful connection. We experience our membership in these groups as a feeling of belonging that somehow surpasses the simple feeling of membership. We call it tribe, team, clan, fraternity, family. Let’s give it a word that encompasses all these feelings and benefits–and more.. . . Let’s call it community.”

She further states: “The world today needs community. You and I reach for it, gravitate towards it before we even have the words to describe the feeling we seek. Community, that place of authentic, supportive, welcoming and accepting connection, is our natural state.[Emphasis mine].

Finally, Lori asks a critical question, to which she answers accordingly: “Why are the numbers of people suffering from anxiety, addiction and depression skyrocketing? Could it be because so many people feel so alone? I believe it is because we suffer from a lack of community.” [Emphasis mine]

Is Facebook Really ‘Community’?

You may be thinking that with all the social media giants with which we can connect, that community is a given. You may even question Lori’s observation that folks suffering from anxiety, addiction and depression is reaching critical mass. But the truth is that Lori Gosselin has her finger on the pulse of a reality most don’t want to accept.. . .

Being part of any major social media outlet is not a guarantee of healthy, safe, nurturing, supportive and accepting connections in the grand scheme of life, In fact, they may be the source of the anxiety, addiction and depression felt by many today. Some would even say that we feel less connected with each other today than at any other time in history – regardless (and perhaps because of) the world wide web!

Community gives us who spend much of our lives as Christian entrepreneurs, building a business driven by a specific personal passion, the opportunity to connect with others who share the same lifestyle – and faith commitment. For women who wear and manage many different hats in life; being part of a community ‘who’ understands, can make the difference between success – or giving in to defeat!

A piece of truth! No one can authentically empathize with me unless they too have experienced what I’m experiencing. If you haven’t juggled a multitude of same or similar hats; then you can sympathize but never identify with me. And identification is a key piece of being in real, true, authentic community!

Then there’s the whole aspect of it being safe to let down our proverbial ‘hair’. Not feeling the need to always be at our best – when the best we can do is hold our heads above water hoping someone throws us a life preserver – is freeing! Safety is right next to water and oxygen on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Feeling safe is a basic human need. . . whether it’s physical, psychological or emotional safety!

Hum, Might the Answer to my Success Be Found in Community?

I return to the questions I asked at the end of last week’s post and beginning of this one; but with a twist. A twist that begins to unravel the question that asks “what if my success (business or life in general) is found in “community“!

  • Might the different road to business success for women in business be found hanging out with our peers and those who share our common interests, doing meaningful things like building community?
  • Especially for Christian women in business, might being part of a like-minded community be our vehicle for success?
  • Are there really any places on the web or in social media where Christian women in business feel “safe” from judgment to share our faith, vulnerabilities, challenges, achievements and accomplishments as we seek to grow personally, professionally and spiritually? 
  • Women with whom we identify simply because what they deal with is what we deal with as well. And together we’ll find the answers we need to succeed in the fulfillment of our ardent desires! Women with whom I not only feel safe, but included and accepted!)

Next week, how we turn questions to answers that begin to make a significant difference in our business lives! A positive difference!



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