WHAT IF I Took A Different Road to Business Success?

What If I Took A Different Road to Business Success?

Wow, how’s that for a loaded question? if I took a different road to business success?

At first glance it feels as if this is a trick question designed to entice the reader into making a decision that will cost her something of considerable value; and one she’ll regret almost as soon as having parted with her purse.

You know, the obnoxious infomercial that drones on and on and on promising a miraculous outcome for just pennies a day!

Simply not true. The “different road to business success” of which I speak is nothing more than leaving well-worn social media paths to pursue a different approach not unlike social media. . . but different! It separates “social” from “media” while maintaining the same purpose and principle. In other words, it remains very “social” by virtue of “media”.

But not the well known usual tools with which we are intimately familiar. Tools such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and all other equally famous names. Then there’s the up and coming which have yet to attract billions of devotees; put promise a planet-size audience with which we can be “social” – but only if the rules permit us to do so. .

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years in which I’ve engaged with the internet and as social media began to rise in popularity and use:

Social Relationships and Famous Tools

  1. Each famous tool (and they are, after all, just “tools”) soon becomes anything but social! Even though Facebook set out to let folks connect with each other for the purpose of building social relationships; it quickly became less social and more commercial. If it was truly a tool of/for social engagement; it would be far less populated. And every member would be free to connect with any other member of choice. AND. . . it would be a much SAFER environment for all!
  2. So why the rise and size of something like Facebook? What were folks looking for when Facebook hit the web? Were young people tired of My Space because us adults arrived? Or was it something else that drove the rise to the size of the Facebook phenomenon? All questions I asked myself before I decided to write this post. Questions I encourage YOU to ask yourself!
  3. I suspect that initially folks were looking for “connections“. Connections that would widen their circle of friends. Here was this great opportunity called the world wide web that permitted us to reach folks around the world we might never meet face to face. New people with experiences about which we might only dream. New people from whom we could learn and grow. And share some of our expertise as well. But BOTTOM LINE. . . simply the excitement of something new with new folks making new “connections“!
  4. Of course, the business gurus’ saw the opportunity to expand their business connections and add to their bottom line. . . so Facebook was on its way to becoming the next big Silicon Valley hot shot with nary a backward glance at those who just wanted to be “connected“. . .
  5. Nothing wrong with social media for business connections. In fact, women in business around the world, especially Christian women in business would have been foolish not to use Facebook (and the other social media giants) for business expansion. So as we sought expertise in making the faceless giant work for us. . . new, unique business opportunities arose for those who learned the tricks of algorithms quicker and faster than most.

But as Facebook became a tech giant; those who simply sought connections were lost in the stampede to the bank. And what may have been the original intent of Zuckerberg’s weekend computer escapade gave way to sponsored ads; dangerous lurking strangers preying on the unsuspecting and changing algorithms designed to put more money in the FB bank. . . and less in those who had neither inclination or the resources to pay for a service that may or may not bring a smidgen of business payoff!

When Traveling for Success; Don’t Travel Alone!

So what’s a “different road” to business success?

It’s called “community“!  Real community. A place where those who gather share more similarities than differences, i.e. a desire to belong where safe, warm and welcoming connections are made. And not just made, but encouraged to be made! . Small enough to maintain the safe and warm while large enough to provide diversity of interests; expertise and life goals. Where genuine care is the norm because genuine relationship exists whether we’ve met face to face – or not!

Real community is definitely social. It can definitely be achieved using one of the many ‘media’ tech tools available. But, and importantly, with a different outcome. Different because the focus is on serving each other and that does not change over time! Nor does the desire of community members to serve each other, while serving self as well. In fact, the service we do for others comes back to us many times over. 

The Who, Where and Why!

  • Who needs community?
  • Who wants community?
  • Where do we find those who need it and want it?
  • Most importantly, why do I want it?
  • And why might i need it.
  • Why might you do the same. . . 

Next week, I’ll say more about building community because that’s what Affiliated Women International (AWI) and our Neighborhood Boutiques is all about.

  •  A different road to business success for women in business the world over.
  • Christian women.
  • Women who seek a safe place to share our faith; our vulnerabilities as we grow personally, professionally and spiritually.
  • Women with whom we identify simply because what they deal with is what we deal with as well. And together we’ll find the answers we need to succeed in the fulfillment of our ardent desires!

Until then; mull over and pray about what “real community” means to you!



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