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Wednesday is now humorously referred to as “hump day”. Most of us have seen the delightful commercial with a talking so-what-day-is-itcamel walking through an office nudging everyone to tell him (or her) what day it is. Of course, the correct answer is “hump day”.

I don’t think of Wednesday as anything other than the middle day in the traditional 5-day work week. However, if we are a female entrepreneur or micro-business owner; then there is no such thing as a “traditional” work week! As I type these words, it occurs to me that even if we are a woman who works outside the home in a “traditional 5-day work week”, the work week doesn’t end at 5:00 p.m. on Friday evening!

Women have historically been in charge of the home. Perhaps “in charge” is not quite correct, but the work of maintaining a home has been seen as the “traditional” role of females. And the old adage goes. . .”man works from sun up to sun down; women’s work is never done”, or something like that. The point being that women’s work has no set hours-days-weeks-months. . . or years.

Does it get any different when we start our own business? Is there really such a thing as a “work-from-home business”? Can we really build our personal empire from behind a desk tucked away in the corner of our home? I’m one who has my doubts that empire-building is a home-based business. And I’m also one who thinks most women in business world wide aren’t about the business of empire-building.

We just want to serve, lead, minister-to and otherwise fulfill the PAPA-given destiny for which we are designed!

Well “hump day” has arrived and there’s no camel wandering about my home office to remind me it’s mid-week. But then why should that be the case when mid-week is just another Wednesday in a week with at least 8 days!

If that’s the kind of weeks you encounter as a woman in business, especially a Christian woman in business; then let me offer a bit of wisdom for you to consider. . .

“Let ‘hump day’ be one in which you close up shop as if you were working in someone else’s business – and the work day had come to an end! Pour a glass of your favorite beverage – sit back in the chair, kick off the shoes and let your thoughts wander to all you accomplished in the past 24.

Never be in a hurry to rush to the next home-related chore. It will remain to be done when you get there. Take time to celebrate. Even if the accomplishment would hardly be recognized as such by any other passerby; let it be a source of exciting great joy. . . and CELEBRATE.”

Need I say any more. . .



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