To Err is Human ~ Women and Micro-Business

You’ve heard it many times – “to err is human, to forgive is divine!”  to err is human

Here’s my variation of that famous saying. . . “to err is human; to own it and apologize is divine!” And while forgiving an error is indeed divine; so is the ability to own it, say I’m sorry if that’s appropriate and say it out loud! That too is divine in the sense that it requires me to forego my human ego and a need to be viewed as perfect. Perfect of course, without a hint of the natural tendency to human foibles.

This post was prompted by an error I made when correcting the date on one of the Indianapolis area COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD gatherings for March. While not a major faux pas; it nevertheless left our lovely coordinator and program presenter enjoying each other’s company while waiting for others to arrive. Unfortunately – others never arrived.

In the world of business, we’re told that others gravitate to us; build relationships with us and may even purchase our widget or at least refer others they know who are interested in our widget; for no other reason than they “know, like and trust ” us. An important part of liking and trusting is two-fold:

1). an honest assessment of who we are and how we normally behave toward self and others, and,

2). the ability to own our humanity when we fail to behave as we desire to do.

Both are matters of character and integrity. And make up the heart of trust because trust evolves from being honest with self and others.

In the years that I’ve been online and engaged in social media, I’ve pushed the idea that personal growth is the core of business and professional success for women. Not just a few women – but all of us. It stands to reason that if I’m continuously exploring, discovering and dealing with aspects of myself that need to mature; the outcome of same will positively impact my professional life. And as my professional/business life grows more successful; I’ll develop a greater sense of confidence and come to trust myself at a much deeper level. The more confidence and trust in self I have; the more others will recognize and celebrate what they experience as honesty and authenticity.

It spirals upward! Upward from taking the 1st steps on a path of self-discovery to applying what I learn in order to gain greater personal mastery. It’s a different kind of “upward mobility” that leads to more and more success in all areas of my life!

“Personal mastery” – that is the key. Mastering the maturing of natural talent and inclination. Mastering new skills that are not abilities native to my DNA. Mastering personality “quirks” that are not beneficial to me or those in my life. Mastering new learning needed to achieve levels of success I desire. Mastering aspects of character that need honing and polishing.

It’s “personal mastery” that leads to “professional mastery” and ultimately to the success we want to achieve. 

And of course, learning to own our “errors” and apologize when they impact others in detrimental ways involves personal mastery. And character development.  It also requires considerable maturity and strong inner conviction and confidence.

It’s not a job to take lightly or to try to do all by ourselves. When I again broach this subject, I’ll suggest some ways each of us can follow for mastering ourselves personally so that our professional and business success is more likely to occur.

In the meantime, remember the old adage that remains true every day. . . “to err is human; to forgive (and apologize) is divine!” 

Write it on a piece of paper and publish where you’ll see it daily. Call it the beginning of “personal mastery”. 



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