When Facebook Becomes a B_ _ _ h! Tips From the AWI Desk!

So it’s about community you say. Or as Seth Godin calls it,  “a tribe”. That’s the theme of the past several week’s posts at “TIPS” and this week is no exception. Behind Every Successful Woman 2

It is about “community” or “tribes” as described by Seth Godin in his best seller of the same name! But not just any ole’ faux community mind you; but the genuine article.

In our June 17 post, I shared what Godin and I believe true community possesses. More than that, I shared what I believe is the value that true community has for each of us when we decide to join a “tribe.  A tribe that most nearly meets our needs. The need to be among those with whom we share a like-mind about most all life has to offer! 

True community seeks the good of all, as well as a desire to benefit each member in ways that enrich, encourage and ‘nudge’ each of us on the way to fulfill our unique ultimate dream! 

The following excerpt from the June 17 post is what prompted today’s rather raunchy title: “In the age of social media, we may think we are in community when in reality we are not. The word is bandied about vicariously as if every Facebook, Linked In and Twitter group is a “community”. Truth is – they are not. At least not in the sense of which Godin (and Fitzgerald) speak. Not to criticize the value that belonging to such groups has for our personal and business life – but to say that a unique variety of associations is not only the “spice of life”; but the salt and savor of our desired life outcomes – including our desire to succeed in business!”

The date is June 28, 2016. The post was pure porn! At least the intent was pornographic as it contained sexual inference. To my chagrin, it appeared on the news feed of our Facebook group, The Neighborhood. The poster’s name was not familiar which means she rarely, if ever, engaged with others in the group.

A quick flick of the delete button removed it, but not before I noticed at least 2 members of the group had left. No sooner was the offending post gone than it reappeared – supposedly posted by the same non-participating member. The only way to rid our group of such nonsense was to delete the woman from the group. She noted on her personal page that spam was being posted in her name; but no indication she was aware her FB account had been hacked and cloned. Not only is her reputation at considerable risk, but we lost a few members and creased our reputation as well. 

This isn’t the only nasty for which Facebook is known. The vitriol heaped from group member to group member everywhere is epidemic. Facebook is the best known location for members to vent their spleens; post their latest life tragedy in glowing detail or boo-hoo over real or imagined tragedies. I’m not unsympathetic to the real tragedies that strike those I know; but I do find the constant drip drip drip of life’s ugliest moments not at all pleasant. And certainly not what I would call “community” in any sense of the word!  

Then there are those who join multitudes of groups only to promote their business. And when they don’t get business from others or the group as a whole – they’re off and running. No interest in adding value to anyone’s life except their own! And then value to them is measured only in dollars and cents called “profit”. What does the Book say –  “what does it profiteth a man (or woman). . .”?

A woman with whom I work on a local project does not do Facebook for the reasons I’ve mentioned above (vitriol and spleen-venting). My response to her is that it is a “necessary evil”. Yet today, I’m wondering why it’s necessary! I accept that it can be the most vile evil place to reside for any length of time; but I also question why I and others consider it “necessary”.

Why is a major well-known social networking platform, known for such nefarious activity, a necessity to our personal life enrichment as well as professional success? Could it be that something more akin to authentic community, is the path to success?  Perhaps we’ve bought FB Kool-Aid, believing if we’re not there we will somehow miss our golden opportunities. I think that may be a myth started  and perpetuated by those who stand to gain the most from the big brands who pay huge bucks to stand out above all the rest of the Kool-Aid kids!

Some of the world’s wisest folks speak of the value of hanging out with like-minded folks who have hearts for others as much as themselves. Folks who know that such a life approach is the true road to success because in our giving, we ultimately receive.women-tribe_feature

And it’s especially true for women. In fact it’s a matter of physical and mental health. One such source is Uplift Connects piece entitledWhy Women Need A Tribe“! Simply put – we need a tribe because it’s the way we are made! Imagine that?

In my next post I’m going to share about a “tribe” we once had that was as much a true community as you’ll find we’re building here with Neighborhood Boutiques. Different technical platform but same approach. And the same commitment to individual benefit and value. Same warm reaching out to all, while never ignoring the each and every. 

And a “tribe” of women in business who would never describe us as a b _ _ _ h. Hope you’ll stay tuned to learn more!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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