Time To Be Real! Thoughts for Christian Business Women!

Thoughts for Christian Business Women!

The past several weeks, I’ve dealt with an injury and subsequent health issue brought on by the injury. As pain spread throughout my body, fog spread across my mind. My brain descended into dark recesses of anger, depression and abject ugliness clouded my usually confident self!

I snarled at almost everything that seemed fake, false and phony. I wanted only the real stuff of life and the real stuff I craved was not sloppy sentimentalism or the stuff of which fairy tales are made. I snapped back at folks I care about because they were dealing in life’s shallow garbage rather than the substance of life which impacts each of us daily!

I wanted the unvarnished truth without a veneer. I wanted raw honesty regardless of how it hurt me or others. And I wanted to lash out more than you can possibly imagine!

Time To Be Real. . .

It’s been a long time since I’ve been ill. And I’m not one to usually tell the whole world. But this time has been different. This time I think the pain, mental fog and ugly inner world have meaning. Meaning beyond myself.

I think they have meaning for those of us who love the Lord and seek to do His will in our personal and business lives!

Reality May Not Be Pretty. . .

There’s something about recognizing our human limitations. Something disconcerting about realizing that one cannot heal oneself; or will oneself from ugliness to awesome by simply choosing to do so.

There’s something beyond irritation to realize that PAPA God is always in charge; especially when we are hurting and unable to do much of anything about it.

And downright disgusting to recognize our own ugliness at the core of our being when we prefer to imagine ourselves as nearly perfect.

As I sat down to write this post, I realize that reality is rarely pretty. It may have a slight glimmer and shine; but mostly it’s a bit nasty about the edges. I can pretend life is golden with nary a bitter edge to own; or I can admit the truth and sigh sadly that life is often more ugly than I care to admit.

The truth is reality may not be pretty. In fact. . . it isn’t pretty. At least not the pretty our humanity longs for throughout life.

So As Faithful Women, What Do We Do?

When I’m well, I suspect I’ll return to a preconceived notion that life can be pretty even when it is not. After all, wellness begets a positive attitude that forsakes and forgets the ugliness of pain and suffering. I’ll probably even put on the different masks one wears to get through her days without making enemies and maintaining important friendships.

Somehow I hope that the ugliness that called for raw reality doesn’t depart far from view. Because raw reality is far more acceptable than the fake and phony that too often populates our lives.

Raw reality keeps me closer to the truth than putting on the mask of all-is-well-at-all-times. It also keeps me real. Real as a woman. Real as a believer. And real as to Who is in charge of my life!

So what do we do? I think we burn the masks we wear on a daily basis. I think we stay close to the truth that some days are mountaintops; but most are spent in the valleys. I think we own our own ugliness.

Yes, you read that right! We own our own ugliness. Truth is we can never hide that from PAPA. He knows us and loves us even in the ugliness that snarls back at Him for death-valley days which don’t have green pastures in which to lie down!

Not owning our reality – ugly or not – doesn’t do away with it. And owning it is most likely to find it changing as the doors of life turn from day to day!

Guess What?

Those who love us – friends, family and close confidants; will appreciate our honesty. They will celebrate our willingness – and ability – to be honest with self and with them. Even when our reality is the stuff of which 50 shades of nasty are made; those who truly care about us as Christian women and true friends will hold us in esteem for refusing to cover our naked reality with clothes that do not fit!

There is in life those times when getting real is the best choice we can make. And I suspect that when we refuse to do so; we’ll find ourselves in a situation where we have no choice because PAPA has determined it’s time to bare our souls in His presence regardless of how dark and dingy they may be!

So as we begin a new year; let’s determine that the time to get and be real is the better part of valor for us all. Especially as Christian women who spend our days in the public forum building a business, seeking to make a difference in the lives of others.

Let our willingness to be real be a source of encouragement to all we encounter from day to day. . .



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