There's Something About A "Niche"!

There’s Something About A “Niche”!

When I think of a “niche”, I envision a small cave-like dwelling set in the side of a mountain where I can hide from a storm. Just the picture in my mind’s eye brings a sense of peace and calm.

It’s a place for me to find shelter from the storms of life. Or anything that would harm me if it were not for having found a “niche” in which to hide!

For me, a “niche” is a safe place. How about you? What do you think of when you think of a “niche”?

“A Place for Me!”

There’s a beautiful television advertisement for senior living by a company called “A Place for Mom”. As I recall, it’s much like a referral service where you can explore options to find the best situation and location for aging loved ones.

We live in a dangerous cruel world. I often tell friends that I long for the safe secure world in which I grew up. My midlife daughters say the same thing to their friends about how life was so much simpler, safe and secure when they were young. It may only be ‘vintage’ reflection. Or perhaps it’s truth!

When I think of building a business as a Christian woman in a crowded competitive world, I want an atmosphere where I can meet new folks in a safe, quiet place. I want less versus more. I want the small and intimate settings business experts tell us is now the future for business success. I want a space where I can make authentic connections, with time to begin getting to know if we like and trust each other. I want space and time to get to know you and let you know me!

I want a “niche” in a safe place where my business life is simple, safe and secure. Frankly, I want “a place for me”.

But as a woman who values others; I want the same for you!

The Pendulum Turns!

Face to face is not the only business building option available to us. We now have the internet and social media. We have HUGE. And I ran to it the same as billions of others did too!

But the pendulum turns; and it’s turning from HUGE to small and intimate. Small and intimate internet called “niche” sites.

The reason? Same as for face to face networking: opportunities to make authentic connections in a safe place where I can get to know you and let you know me. Begin building a friendship that is mutually beneficial to both of us!

When I think of a ‘place for me’, I envision “a small and intimate” online ‘niche’ built just for Christian women in business looking for a safe place to connect, interact, learn and grow. In others words. . . looking for success among those who share the same values, desires and destinies!”

It’s the same place I envision for you!

A place for Christian women who find HUGE no longer cuts it. That standing among-the-masses-with-drink-in-hand no longer thrills as once it did. In fact, it not only doesn’t thrill; it doesn’t bring the success we desire!

Neither does attempting to be noticed among the billions that occupy the many social media sites. And more and more people don’t want to be marketed to via the HUGE. They seek connections. . .

“Come Connect With Me!”

That’s the unspoken cry of most of the folks who spend hours daily on one or more social media sites. We may find subtle ways to market our business products and services; but what we really seek is a connection. And the more authentic, the better.

Even though we have scads of ways to connect with each other because of the internet; we are a highly unconnected generation. We long to have significant relationships. It’s why so many relationships that begin over business transactions become personal friendships as we continue to work and share with each other. It’s simply human nature. Who we are. . .

Yes, we can make connections and develop a sense of friendship with others on Facebook and to a lesser degree on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

But to really grow relationships that will meet the needs of Christian women in business; we must build a virtual “niche” community populated by Christian women in business who know that helping each other is the pathway to success for all of us!

Do we give up HUGE. No!

Do we give up the standing-with-glass-in-hand events. Only if we simply can’t stand them.

What we do want to do is find a “niche” that fits for us and hide there with the others who have found it to be a safe, comfortable place to be. A place to find friends; build a business; discover a unique destiny. And find the success we define as our own!

It’s that simple!


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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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