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I recall an old adage that says something about altitude being related to attitude. Since both words begin with “A” and this is the day to launch “Alphabet Soup”; it seems appropriate to begin in this manner.

Whatever the adage is, the truth is that attitude has everything to do with the altitude Attitude-Determines-Altitude-560x374to which we will climb in life. Most especially in business. As women owning a small business and seeking to turn it into a profitable lifestyle; we must adopt an attitude that insures we’ll climb as high as possible!

When I think I can and believe it in my heart; then I will never quit until I’ve reached the pinnacle of success I desire. TWEET THIS

Even when circumstances arrive that would drag others to their knees; we refuse to fold!

In my mid teens, Mother was the first female Realtor in town to open her own business. She was mentored by a dear friend who owned a real estate business and encouraged Mom to work toward taking over his business when he retired. Before that happened, he died in a tragic automobile accident and his widow closed the business.  Not to be deterred, Mom got a broker’s license and opened Suhre Real Estate in what had been the front sitting room of our house.

For 20+ years, Mom showed houses – houses being a passion – and built a highly successful business. She was viewed as a woman with considerable integrity – universally trusted by buyers, sellers and agents she mentored and hired.

Her personal qualities aside, it was attitude that permitted her to rise above all obstacles, including being the first woman-owned real estate business in town. She had a ‘do or die’ approach to everything; even the passing of a dear friend and what could have been the quashing of her dream!

Mom’s attitude toward life, plus laser-focused determination, led her to reach the pinnacle of success she desired. She didn’t want to make a million – she wanted to do what she loved and was very good at doing!

I share from my personal history because it is a perfect example of attitude = altitude. A positive attitude and desire to fulfill our destiny is the first step on the climb to the top-whatever and however we define “the top”. 

I can climb when I believe I can

I can climb when I believe I can

In other words-attitude is where it’s at. And where’s it’s at is largely determined by whether we see the top as attainable. Or out of reach.

Ultimately, I can climb every mountain when I believe I can! TWEET THIS 

Women in business, especially a small business, must believe we can climb the mountains that loom ahead of us in order to begin the climb. Without an attitude of “do or die”; we’ll huff and puff about the rise in the ground and lament how much effort it will take to reach the summit. We’ll expend all our energy seeking the path of least resistance rather than simply taking the first step UP!

Business is tough. It’s a difficult and often cold cruel world in the marketplace. Others who may or may not be competitors will put obstacles in our paths hoping to deter us. Those I call “dream stealers” will tell us we’re crazy to think we are mountain climbers. And then there are the multitude of focus-stealers begging us to give our attention to them instead of to our destiny and purpose. All designed to pull us from our appointed destinies.

Or are they? Perhaps they are there to test us. To see if our attitude really is positive. If our determination really will last. If our desire is adequate for the task. If we will put on our hip boots and venture into the unknown prepared for any contingency that arises. 

There, do you get the ‘gist’ of what I’m saying? If I view what comes into my personal and professional life as a negative; I’ll never step away from where I am now.

But if I view each ‘challenge’ as an opportunity to take one more step toward my desired outcomes; before I realize it – I will have reached the summit of my dreams and found the success I most desire.

Business women arise! The choice is ours. Even if you’re like me and prone to look at life from upside down; we can turn over a new leaf in a new year and believe every mountain that looms is one we can conquer on the quest to our most desired and cherished dreams.



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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