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Christian Scripture tells us we have not because_ _ _ we ask not. Whether we are a believer or not, facts are facts. Not only in our spiritual growth; but in personal and business pursuits.

The truth is – we don’t ask. At least we don’t ask for what we really need. We don’t ask for PAPA’s perfect will to be revealed so we know how to ask in the 1st place.

We tend to live on the surface of our faith; especially when it comes to asking! TWEET THIS

We ask for what we want – or at least we think we do. But we rarely ask for what’s needed because our human wants take precedence. And we rarely honestly and openly seek the “face of God”. 

Why is this so? I mean, why don’t we just come to PAPA in prayer and “specifically” ask for what is needed, as well as what we want? Is it that we lack the faith to do so? Have we grown up in a religious tradition that presents an angry God rather than a loving Heavenly PAPA?

Or is it that we truly don’t know what to ask for because we don’t know ourselves – and our situations, as well as we think?

Scripture also tells us that when we ask in faith; what we ask for is ours! Well, only if we have the faith to ask, as well as the knowledge of what to ask for.

It was the early 80’s and I was hospital social service director. Equally I was growing in a personal relationship with PAPA that eluded me prior to May 2, 1981.  And I was learning to pray.

A young woman in the community whose Mother I knew was critically injured in a car accident. The entire Christian community went to prayer for her full recovery. I simply asked PAPA to restore her to full health – to “make her whole again“. As soon as the words were out of my mouth; I was assured that my prayer was being answered. That she would be “made whole again!” Not only was I promised that, but the late wife of my spiritual director was assured of the same thing.

A few weeks later, the young woman was taken off life support. They unplugged all the machines, her heart beat for 10 hours and then it stopped. . .

Imagine the shock to our faith?! Sylvia and I were devastated. PAPA had promised us that He would honor our prayers for a total recovery. For making her whole again. For restoring her brain, kidneys and liver. After all, that was not too much to ask from the Sovereign God of the universe?

I was angry and felt betrayed. And my faith did a nosedive. But before I could berate the Lord of Lords, He gave me the following insight. The total healing my feeble humanity wanted was meager compared to the total healing PAPA gave her! What He promised was from His domain and perspective. Indeed, she did have a new brain, kidney’s, liver – a totally new life with Him. He made her whole , but in His way – not mine (or Sylvia’s or her parents and friends for that matter). 

A life lesson that taught me what we asked for was not His Will; but our own. Yet from His viewpoint; what He promised was what He delivered.  That day, I learned to seek His Will in almost all matters before asking. And I asked for wisdom to understand it from His vantage point. 

And I let Him lead – even when asking. Well, in all honesty (and transparency) – that’s what I seek to do as much as possible!

This past week, I’ve been prayerfully bringing the fruit of 7+ years labor to PAPA for guidance and direction. Guidance and direction to turn NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES into the Go-To Place for Women In Business it’s designed to be. I mean “truly” the go-to place for women in small business.  Side note: this post is one result of the week mulling and talking with PAPA!  

I didn’t ask for anything other than His guidance and direction. It’s what is needed – and wanted at this point in our history. We know it’s His Will. Now we need to know the how, what and the way. And the joy is getting the answers needed by simply waiting for the guidance and direction to come!

Ask to Know

Ask to Know

Bottom line – we have not, because we don’t ask. But it’s not as simple as that. We don’t have because we don’t get “down and dirty” with PAPA. We ask for what we think we need and want. We don’t ask what He wants. And we certainly don’t ask what our part is in the process. In other words, what He needs us to do! It’s a partnership in co-operation and co-creation.

Whether it’s our business or profession, personal life or matters of the spirit; we are far too timid when we come to God with our situations. On the other hand, we are almost arrogant when we tell Him how it needs to be and ask others to join us in that endeavor. 

Perhaps the simplest common denominator is we have not, because we ask in our human capabilities – rather than asking Him to give us the words He wants to hear!

Next time you turn to PAPA in quiet moments to ask. . . what will you ask for? Better still – how will you ask for it?



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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