The Value of Bread Crumbs!

Bread Crumbs!

That’s how I felt when a glimmer of creative hope dropped into sight this morning. Scrambling for a blog post subject, I was creatively dry as a bone and lamenting same to a friend.

“If only I had a few bread crumbs with which to start,” I complained.

The “Curse” for Women in Business. . .

Not having a clue about what to write when a major part of one’s business plan includes regular blogging feels like a “curse”! A rule of business thumb for bloggers is BE CONSISTENT! In other words, if my day to blog is Friday – every Friday, then I must be prepared to publish something of value EVERY FRIDAY!

The Value of “Bread Crumbs”. . .

Note in the previous paragraph I said “something of value”. While consistency is an important rule of thumb for bloggers; “something of value” is the most important rule of thumb for women in business! Especially Christian women in business.

Why is it any more important for Christian business women? Because it’s about who we are; our character, motivations, intent and the actions that flow from them. If we say we are going to do something and life intervenes; we can always simply say “forgive me, but life intervened”.

But if we don’t add something of value as the core principle of our business; then no amount of asking for forgiveness may be able to save us from despair – as well as destruction.

Value is not only what we offer, it’s who we are. We come to the business table representing not just ourselves, but our Lord. If we fail to come with honesty, integrity and ‘clean hands’; then we fail not only ourselves, but He Whom we represent!

Sometimes, Just One Bread Crumb Will do!

I thought this post was going to be about how we fail to live up to our blogging commitment because we are “dry as a bone” for some unknown reason; and how it must be true for so many of us – then oh woe is me, blah, blah blah!

But this “bread crumb” must be the result of a silent, unknown prayer for H-E-L-P. For it has gone from the analogy of Ezekiel’s “dead dry bones” to the revival of a spark of life called something of value.  And something of value is of more value than anything else I could write about on a Friday afternoon nearing the season of Autumn!

The crumb I call “value” can make or break us as women of faith who do business in the marketplace because we seek to glorify not only ourselves, but the Father Who gives us the wonderful opportunity to do so!

So What Is Value After All?

You might have known that question was coming!

Value, like beauty is most often in the eye of the beholder. In the case of women in business; it’s in the eye of the person across the table from us when we pitch our products and/or services.

Value is not the same for all. It’s what’s most important to me at the time. Or season of life. It’s what you need now versus a year from now – or never. It’s that essential I never thought I’d need until now. Or at least until now that I think about it. . .

Value encompasses a multitude of items, none of which may be the same for each person you encounter on the marketing journey. For some it may relate to cost – cost versus quality; cost versus perceived need now or in the future.

For others, value may be more intrinsic and hard to define. It’s more about an emotional appeal – how it makes me “feel”. If a Mercedes makes me feel wealthy, important, with added prestige; then the cost to own one is less important than the ‘value’ of how it makes me feel!

In the End. . .

In the end, how does any bread crumb that comes when we least expect, make us feel? Does it answer a pressing need? Does it add ‘value‘ to the day. . . especially the day we have committed to blog faithfully without the intervention of life?

In the end, the bread crumb that came to me – the one called “something of value” has made me feel excited and joyful because I think I might just add value to someone reading this seeking an answer to their own unanswered needs. Someone who perhaps is – or was – as “dry” as I was when I sat down to write!

In the end, the most important aspect of a post about bread crumbs and value is found in the following: “Value, like beauty is most often in the eye of the beholder. In the case of women in business; it’s in the eye of the person across the table from us when we pitch our products and/or services.”

In the end the successful Christian women in business will quickly discern what the person across the table values most in products, services and. . . life!

So, Do You Agree?



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