The Unvarnished Truth. I Hate Networking!

The Unvarnished Truth!

I’m basically a shy woman who loves the idea of business. Being in business. Helping others – especially Christian women – who are in business; or what to be in business. Leading, mentoring and coaching folks in business or those who have the same passion I do. . . to have one’s own business!

If it’s anything to do with business; I am passionate about it. But passion is not necessarily synonymous with success. And in my case, passion is not synonymous with networking!

I Hate Networking!

But I hate networking. I suppose it’s because I’m basically shy which is not a personality trait that meshes well with a woman who wants to develop, own and grow her own business. Because, as the business guru’s tell us; it’s ALL ABOUT NETWORKING!

Gotta get out there, meet the folks, press the flesh and all that jazz. If we don’t; well don’t expect to be successful at business. Or anything we plan to do in life. Because it’s all about networking. . .

Here’s what I envision when someone invites me to a business networking event:

  • a sea of people
  • in a small hot room
  • not a single soul I know
  • women in business suits (all black or navy blue) –
  • uncomfortable men in suits and ties
  • a crush of folks headed in my direction
  • eyes glazed over
  • hands full of business cards. . .
  • I can’t breath and head for the nearest exit!

Any of you envision the same scenario? I hear the sound of rapid breathing so I suspect many of you do!

So What’s A Gal To Do?

So what’s a woman who loves business; who loves helping women – especially Christian women in business do? It doesn’t matter what aspect of business I am passionate about; networking with those I don’t yet know is truly one of the best ways to develop and grow my business.

I’m convinced that SOCIAL MEDIA was designed especially for me. Perhaps only for me. Whatever, it’s the God-send this basically shy Christian woman in business looked for to save me from the horrific pain of business networking (see “envision” above)! I can sit behind a laptop screen and meet the world without having to leave my chair. I can chit-chat with women half-way round the world wearing just my pj’s. I can make faces and think funky thoughts without offending or otherwise turning off my next potential customer.

I can be me without one bead of sweat upon my brow. And I can let you – and you – and you be who you are without an ounce of concern that either of us will not like each other if and when we decide to meet “face to face” via Zoom!

Yes, SOCIAL MEDIA has given me the freedom to business network without the horrors of face-to-face-in-a-small-hot-room-pressed-flesh-to-flesh that old-fashioned traditional business networking used to do. SOCIAL MEDIA is the best friend of shy folks who love business – especially their own; but shy away from business networking opportunities.

Bright Ideas, & Oh, That’s Not Networking!

Just telling the unvarnished truth here has given rise to a number of bright ideas for the basically shy woman in business who identifies with me when it comes to traditional business networking. But that’s for tomorrow.

I’ll give you a hint though. We network ALL THE TIME. Even when we are not out and about. And I mean things other than SOCIAL MEDIA. Think about it. See if you can guess what I’m going to share that you might never have thought of as business networking.

And take heart. There’s life after admitting one hates networking. And there’s life that includes success in business – and life in general. Hallelujah! (Answers to basic business challenges)



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

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