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Disclaimer:This is not a political post.

It is the thoughts of one woman in business after observing the almost miraculous candidacy of a man who has never been in the professional political arena before. But a person who has an exceedingly heighened sense about business, brand, marketing and a target audience that each of us could only hope to capture – and put to work for our own phenomenal rise to success!

Yet Trump’s awesome success in the business world and what is rapidly becoming similar success in the political arena, is not the theme of this post. In fact, the title of the post has been sitting in draft form since it occurred to me months ago. Sitting idle while I discovered specifically what is the “Trump Effect” for me professionally and personally!

Strange how heavenly PAPA has a way of permitting life events to arise in anticipation that we’ll connect the proverbial dots. The events of the past week or so connected the “Trump Effect” dots for me as it relates to me as a woman. And me as a woman in business. A woman with a sense of life mission ordained by my PAPA God!

The story of discovery goes like this. . .

For several months I had been haunted by the extremely negative words of a person – perhaps more than one but that has yet to be revealed. Not just the words, but the inference that something is seriously wrong with my character. Now that’s a heavy dose of sh_ _ for a woman who always questions self before questioning others.

The person doing the scolding is not someone I know well, but all indications have been she is of the same spiritual mindset as myself and most of the women who hang out in our emerging “tribe” as Seth Godin describes a “tribe”. So I didn’t take her verbal blast lightly. The words hung on my like a shroud that wouldn’t go away. In fact, I began to question almost everything in my personal life, but especially with regard to business life. I permitted the nastiness to impact my self-concept – something one would not expect for a woman in the vintage prime of life. . .

As if that wasn’t all; there was another situation that I permitted to further erode my self-confidence and conviction that I’m a woman of strong positive character who has a great deal to offer my sphere of influence!

In the midst of this personal firestorm, came the primary elections. And we all know how those can get – especially when you have a number of folks intent on winning. I watched the blistering attacks that felled first one and then another on the “R” side of the aisle. But I was especially drawn to the vitriol dished out on one Donald Trump. Of course, he could dish it right back and I admire that. Admired what I was too timid to do on my own behalf. But watching and marveling didn’t ease the pain I felt in my spiritual marrow.

I marveled at Mr; Trump’s ability to throw off personal and professional attacks without a hint of torn self-confidence. As the zingers became uglier; he became stronger and more resolute. Even had the courage to back away from some of his remarks which he felt might have been a bit over the line at the time they were uttered.

Culmination came this week! As I was getting a sense of the “Trump Effect” for my own life; I experienced another attack on my character from the same person. It rocked my esteem momentarily until I realized that perhaps PAPA God was pointing out something very important about Mr. Trump and his ability to rise above the fray unscathed while standing up for himself. Something significantly important for me in my specific situation. 

In fact, perhaps the “Trump Effect” has the same important impact for many of the business women in our tribe – and beyond. . .

One doesn’t have to like the Donald to take something positive away from his presence on the national-international scene. Here’s what I’m taking away as the important “effect” it has for me:

  1. Assurance – self assurance. A sense of knowing who I am, warts, wrinkles, freckles and all and knowing I’m okay anyway.
  2. Confidence – self confidence that although not perfect, the core of my character is positioned rightly for the important people in my life. Especially for my heavenly PAPA who is the most important Person in my life!
  3. Pride – pride in what I do and how I do it. Not that I do it perfectly, but that I have lived a lot of life; learned a lot over the years and do some things well enough to help others do them well too.
  4. Strength – the kind that doesn’t let personal attacks get beneath the epidermis of my spirit.
  5. Stand Up for self – I could do an entire “Women’s Sunday Series” on this one (and I may). When someone hits us well below the spiritual belt it’s right and proper to search to find out if the speck is in my eye – and do that first. But it’s not healthy to let that end the situation. What is healthy is to do the kind and merciful thing – which is answer the attack from a position of strength with the courage to speak the unvarnished TRUTH directly and honestly. That is doing so with love!
  6. Tough Mind-Tender Heart – Business success requires a tough mind. So does being a strong woman of God. And the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when I fail to cultivate a tough mind- I am less likely to be tenderhearted because I fail to love myself with Godly honesty.

I’m sure there’s more but these 6 are the most salient and uppermost in my reflections on the “Trump Effect” as it relates to me, my life and recent life experiences.

Let me ask you a question as I wind up this post:What if anything do you find in your life – personal, professional or both – that could use a little of the Trump Effect as I’ve noted above?” Good exercise in which to engage, learn and grow. 

Our success depends on it. . . 



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