The Sunday Series on Wed – A Woman's Reason for the Season!

Last Wednesday I wrote about the human side of Christmas. The side we too often romanticize. So easy to do because we see it from the perspective of 2000+ years after the fact – and know the how, what and why.

Fervent prayer avails much!

Fervent prayer avails much!

Then Monday, I wrote about dealing with difficult people, for no other reason, than I was dealing with at least one. I struggled with the return of ridicule to which I had acquiesced for more than 19 years.  It seemed a relentless battle that I was about to lose. Having never confronted the person or the actions, they lay dormant – only to come roaring back when 2 simple comments and some distressing observations opened the floodgates. (As a side note, I might mention that unawareness of one’s surroundings has its benefits – we don’t observe what we don’t want to see!)

I prayed. I mean really prayed. Which for me is simply talking out loud to the Lord and to myself (Him-in-me). I let it all hang out – all the anger and rage. All the tender hurt emotions. Everything – just let it roll!

And I admit I cursed and swore, interspersed with many “Sorry, Lord, but that’s the way I feel” followed by more cursing and swearing!  

And I asked for answers. I asked what I was to learn from the experience. How to deal with the person since I knew I couldn’t avoid more encounters – at least for a season, and how to handle while leaving our mutual integrity’s intact. 

Honesty before the Lord is an amazing thing! Over the years, I’ve learned that’s what He wants – our honest, transparent expressions of personal truths. PAPA is more than big enough to handle whatever we dish out – even cursing and swearing when the gut has opened to bleed unabashed pain. Anything less is dishonesty at it’s worst – and He knows it.

I’ve walked a long time with the Lord – and should never be amazed that He answers prayer. But I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of revelation knowledge, if as little as to give me insight on how to handle a difficult personal situation! Not life threatening; but threatening the flow of the Spirit in and through me.

The answer came. It took about 24 hours, but suddenly it occurred to me to respond to the next insult by turning it into a positive. A “compliment”. After all, if the person thought my self-styled oriental topknot hairdo cost $50.00,  I must have a talent for such deeds. In reality, I could see the remark as another one of those “spend-thrift” comments I heard over and over again and took to heart – as a put down. Or I could view it as a compliment to my talent for making dirty hair look elegantly expensive. Oh if only I had had that revelation a few days earlier!

He answered by giving me a manner in which to turn a tough situation to my favor without creating a ruckus – but get my point across. 

Of course the hairdo piece was only the tip of the iceberg. But it opened the floodgate to joy. Joy that the flow of the Spirit was not interrupted but wide open so that I could receive consolation and direction. It’s still coming today as I share with you.

Okay, so what does the above have to do with “a woman’s one reason for the season”?  

Christmas is about birth. The birth of the Son of  God who would reconnect humanity with His Father. Not a few – but once – for all! He would open the door to the greatest relationship we will ever know in this lifetime – and for all eternity.

Just talk with Him

Just talk with Him

Christmas is about new beginnings – the birth of amazing and marvelous opportunities because a child was born in a smelly dark cave one cold Judean night. 

And Christmas is about prayer. Answered prayer. More than that, it’s about the miracle of God-with-us – in us. In us in ways we can’t fathom but nonetheless is true. It’s about being given the audacity to confront the God of the universe with anything. ANYTHING. Even our raw human emotions which He well understands while waiting for us to strip away the niceties and get REAL.

Not one ‘tsk-tsk’ when our words might be found in the ‘vulgar and slang’ dictionary – even words too raw for that one!

The outcome of my personal ‘dark night of the soul’?  Joy – and peace. The situation is not yet resolved and there is something a bit more nefarious afoot that will have to be determined as fact; but my heart is lighter today. Clouds of despair have given way to a sense of my own worth as a woman. And confidence resides where just a few days ago – an old ‘beat-down’ feeling took up residence as if to live forever in my psyche.

Most importantly, the Spirit flows- unimpeded and with the joy of a brook rippling over stones. If it were not so, I couldn’t write the realization of my one reason for the season.

Is it the only reason? Of course not. But emerging from the darkness because the Father through His Son heard and answered this woman’s prayer is reason enough to make it numero uno in my book!

What’s your one reason for the season?

Blessings and joy,


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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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