The "Sexy" That Makes You Successful!

Everyone Wants It!

Everyone wants “IT” A piece of the “brass ring”. The brass ring we call SUCCESS!

The past several weeks, I’ve ‘talked’ about success; giving examples of what I think makes us successful. I must admit that my ideas of what makes us successful do not jive with that of the experts.

Of course, success is determined by each woman and is a very personal decision.  What constitutes success for me may be vastly different than the woman next to me at a networking event – or across the aisle at church.

So sharing my ideas, while not the usual and customary definitions of success, may be just what some women need to reach out and grab the ‘brass ring’ when next it comes their way!

Once Upon A Time. . .

Once upon a time in the world of the web, the leading predictor of online success was where we land on Google. Which page can folks find us? And if we don’t pop up at the top of page 1, what then?

So we learned as much as possible about something called “SEO” – Search Engine Optimization. Or we simply learned what it is and left the inner workings to guru’s-for-hire who would put us somewhere on the Google front page. Getting there was often costly and time-consuming!

Let me be perfectly clear. SEO is still an important tool to have in our online success tool bag. But with the advent and growth of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like; SEO is less the “be all-end all” of online success.

It’s NOT Sexy!

Let’s face it, SEO is not sexy. Unless you’re a techie, SEO has about as much sex appeal as a stone. It’s still useful and not to be cast aside. But it’s not what will draw others to YOU (or me) in a personal way.

And “in a personal way” has become the way of business success! It has, because the internet has become “personal”. Social media makes it so.

I can sit in front of my laptop; or hovering over my phone and connect with women around the world everyday – all day if I choose. Women I’ll most likely never meet; but now call ‘friend’! Women I would never have met had it not been for social media.

SEO didn’t bring them into my life. Social media sites I frequent brought them into my life.

“Sexy” Is What Attracts. But It’s Not What You Think!

We clamor to know more about each other – as women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, Christians (or otherwise). . . and business women!

We seek to reach and touch each other’s soul, for that’s where real, authentic relationships are born, bred and grow! And that’s the point at which a personal connection can support our efforts to grow the businesses about which we are passionate!

It’s the point of attraction that pulls us into each other’s lives and may just be the point at which I will support what you do for no other reason than I support WHO you are!

But of course, I have to know you first; and that’s the value of social media which elevates it to heights SEO never heard of!

I get to know you by what you post. I get to know you when I ask questions and you respond. I get to know you when I experience what you are passionate about – in business – in life! I get to know you and find a soul-rich relationship when I learn that we share common life experiences. The kind that define us in not so ordinary ways.

It’s more than being of the same gender. And more than being of the same mind-set. It’s a connection about which we often can’t find words to describe what it is  –  only how it makes us feel!

So The Bottom Line Is. . .

The bottom line is. . .

  1. When seeking our piece of the brass ring called “success”; we must think beyond what the guru’s tell us.
  2. We must think beyond networking-as-usual. Even those who assure us their particular brand “builds relationships first” – then exhorts us to bring a fist full of business cards to the next networking extravaganza. (A business card NEVER built an authentic relationship – it might be the vehicle; but it’s not the carburetor or spark plug!)
  3. We must focus as much energy and attention on the “art” of building genuine relationships using a social media platform, as we do on the use of tech tools and placement on Google’s front page!
  4. We must learn the “art” of patient practice. The practice of finding our USP (unique selling point) in the WHO we are. The WHAT we do will come – eventually, if we are patient with the process.
  5. We must define success on our own terms and in our own way. Once we do; then we must let that guide our journey in search of the brass ring with our name on it!
  6. Finally, we must choose the gurus who understand that relationships are more important than tech tools. Put your dollars to work with those folks, and they will not lead you astray!

Let the Real Sexy Be Your Guru!

The “real sexy” is authenticity. And it’s cousin genuine. Neither of which describes SEO. Always be mindful of the techie stuff, but remember that it’s the soul-rich relationships with others that are most likely to lead to the brass ring of our choosing!



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