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“When you have your own army of personal walking ambassadors, you’ll have referrals coming your way The Go Giver Referrals and Ambassadors Quotefaster than you can handle them.” ~ Bob Burg and John David Mann, “The Go-Giver”.

One of the best books on business – and life, is “The Go-Giver”. It’s a little book filled with more wisdom than one can imagine. It’s simple wisdom – and simply the best women in business will ever get.

The quote above is from today’s post at The Go-Giver Ambassadors Facebook page, and it whetted my creative appetite to write about what is often overlooked in the pursuit of business. More to the point, the pursuit of what we desire most from business – a prosperous bottom line.

Prosperous bottom lines require a process. Obviously the ultimate outcome is the sale – or series of sales. Sales profit us in terms of the financial bottom line. But they also profit us in many other ways. However, the “sale” is not the first step in the process – but the very last if indeed a sale is the outcome.

Working the process backwards, we arrive at a referral. At least most business transactions involve a referral from one person to another based on previous information and experience. Both personal and professional experience. (Brief digression – in this scenario, I’m talking about micro-business ownership vs the big brands where it’s information and experience with a brand – not a person or persons).

Then back one more step from the desired ultimate outcome; we arrive at relationship. And prior to relationship, we arrive at marketing – timing – location – opportunity. Marketing in the sense of getting our name, brand and business opportunity in front of others – in ways that peak interest. At least an interest in learning more.

Timing in terms of where we position ourselves every day of our work week. Location in terms of where we choose to transact the steps we hope lead to our desired ultimate outcome. And opportunity in terms of our personal perspective of the marketplace as a whole and our part in it specifically. Untitled TRIBE

You know, just writing the above makes me tired. It fatigues me to think I have to do all the above – on my own, without what Seth Godin calls a “tribe“.  Bob Burg and John David Mann, call it “personal walking ambassadors”. I, Linda S. Fitzgerald, call it a “community“, i.e. a “neighborhood“.

So perhaps the 1st step in the process of achieving sales is to be part of a “tribe” or “community”. And from that position (opportunity); let’s suppose we build an “army” of folks who not only vouch for us to others, but carry our business cards and introduce others to us (and us to others).

But before bringing us together; they supply a personal testimony about us as a woman; then as a woman they like because they know us well and have over time – come to trust us.

The more this occurs, the stronger our position in our tribe, community or ‘neighborhood’ becomes and the greater likelihood of an “army” of personal walking (and talking) ambassadors.

In short – let’s just call this our “personal marketing team“!

And the potential outcome? More referrals than we could possibly imagine from going it alone! Or going first for the sale. . .

Our organization, Affiliated Women International or AWI, is both online and face to face. In our small group face to face -“COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD”©, CANVA COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD 200 x 200we encourage relationship building. We put emphasis on who we are as a woman first and then on what we do in the marketplace.

The format is designed for transparency, authenticity and an amount of vulnerability with which each woman is comfortable. In addition to providing information, education, motivation and inspiration; we urge the women in our “tribe” or “neighborhood” to spend time together between monthly group gatherings. The purpose?

To get to know each other; hopefully to develop a sincere liking for each other and over time – come to a level of trust. Not so much for a single sale – but for laying the foundation for warm, honest qualified referrals on behalf of each other! And not just a one-time occurrence. But again and again – and again!

You know, one’s “army” doesn’t have to be huge. It does have to be solidly in my corner. Every member of my tribe or neighborhood has to feel connected to me and be with me – as I must with them. Not only do they have to know my business almost as well as I do; they have to know me. And we must know each other as honestly as we can. They have to be convinced of my integrity as a woman – and as a woman in business. And I the same of them . . .

Then why is it when I talk “The Go-Giver” talk; I see heads nod, but know that once out of sight and mind – the nodding heads will return to making instant sales pitches to folks they just met? Folks whose eyes may glaze over. Who run for the nearest exit when the nodding head pauses for breath!

This is a BIG topic! The topic of building an “army of personal walking ambassadors” as friend Bob Burg and John David Mann speak. And it takes time for it to sink below the level of just hearing or reading – to the level where we decide to give it a try.

Thus I’m going to end this discussion of the benefit of being part of a Godin-style tribe or an AWI Neighborhood Boutiques and COFFEE ‘neighborhood, with a firm grip on continuing to shout from the wilderness the following – that the only way to business success is “The Go-Giver” way.

So, more to come. . .



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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