The KEY That Will Make You Successful!

The KEY That Will Make You Successful!

There are many keys that open doors to our success. They differ with each woman and relate to her personal definition of the word SUCCESS. 

But equally there are keys that are vitally important across all definitions of success. One of them is the subject of today’s post! 

What’s Spirituality Have To Do With It?

There’s a great article in Simple Reminders by Mark Mezadourian entitled 8 Steps to Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet. His basic premise is that we need to be strategically open about who we are spiritually. And that the first step is coming to know ourselves – and know us well! While I wholeheartedly agree with Mark, it’s not the spirituality piece that is “key” (excuse the pun) to this post.

Spirituality is sacred, it is personal, it is relational and it is about knowing ourselves well enough to become comfortable revealing who we are spiritually! For Christian women, it’s about being comfortable in the shoes of our Lord and Savior as He makes it possible for us to walk in His very large sandals!

But there’s another aspect that is critically important to the entire process from deciding to engage in self-discovery to strapping on the sandals of the One who chose us to walk with Him!

More Mezadourian Wisdom . . . 

“Your spirituality is sacred. As you develop muscle with your spiritual practice, there is a benefit in choosing who you talk to about it. Words of doubt and questioning from others can be hard, especially in the early stages of your practice, as they can dilute the clarity you feel. Telling everyone you know about your spirituality or even half of your circle, may not serve you – or them. Not telling everyone is not hiding. It is practicing discernment.” [Mezadourian. Emphasis mine]

The same is true for anything we decide to pursue in life. When we discern the Lord is directing us to follow this or that path; it’s best to be very cautious about those with whom we share. One negative remark – even a look we perceive as disdain, can dampen our enthusiasm and cause us to turn away!

It’s especially true for those of us building the business of our dreams!

So What’s the Key?

“Spiritual work is not meant to be done alone. It can be challenging when you see what is actually happening in the world from a spiritually perspective (that our thoughts manifest) and discover that so few people are talking about it.” (Mezadourian)

Not only is spiritual work not meant to be done alone; neither is the pursuit of our individual destiny. Destiny as in that for which we are designed. Whether it’s developing and growing a business of our own or pursuing a career in a profession or trade.

“Cultivate a community of like-minded people to talk to and share with. New information and ideas come to us more often through acquaintances rather than our close circle of friends and family.” (Mezadourian)

Ah ha, there it is. THE Key to success!

Write it down! Post it everywhere as a constant reminder that success is found in community. A reminder that the single solitary life many think will get them where they long to be is most often not the case at all. . .business women in community

We are enriched by others. We are encouraged by others. We are nudged by others when we’re weary and want to give up.

We find answers from the knowledge and wisdom of our community friendships that lay the groundwork for future achievements. And we give of our knowledge and wisdom which brings joy to our spirit.

There’s success hidden in the give and take of a like-minded community that we might not find anywhere else!

In the case of spiritual growth and development it’s those who are not just talking, but walking the walk. In our case, as Christian women in business; it’s other women who are talking – and walking the walk. Other women who share a common mind-set as well as a mutual goal of succeeding while helping others to succeed as well!

Are you a Christian woman determined to grow spiritually? Equally determined to grow in business and professional life. Grow so that your business is a mighty reflection of your spiritual relationship with the Lord?

If so, then let the KEY of community be the foundation of your business growth strategy. You’ll never regret having done so! 

More next week on COMMUNITY as the “KEY” to the success we desire! Stay tuned. . .



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