Shame on Fickle Folks? ~ The Women's Sunday Series!

Today, the Christian world celebrates Palm Sunday. It commemorates the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to shouts of adulation from the crowds gathered for Passover. 5-triumphal-entry_dsc7456-full

Most of us are well acquainted with the story immortalized in the four Gospels – all related from the slightly different perspective of each author. But the basic message is the same. Jesus was hailed as King of the Jews Who many believed was the long awaited Messiah. And they where right in their belief, but wrong in their interpretation of “King of the Jews” as well as the mission of the “long awaited Messiah”.

On that 1st Palm Sunday, Jesus was greeted as a hero, much as we greet heroes of great achievements such as the moon landing. He was adored as a man who had made history, brought health to the sick, forgiveness of sins to sinners and new understanding to the hearts and minds of those who had ears to hear. 

He was a man of the people. They knew it and treated Him as such. It must have warmed His heart as it does ours over 2000 years later.

Yet destiny loomed on the horizon – and He knew that as well!

Just a few days later, the cry of the people would be vastly different. And would spell the most agonizingly horrible death one could imagine! What awaited the King of the Jews and mankind’s Messiah was His destiny, but the crowds shouting Crucify him, Crucify him Yelling-Crucify-Himdidn’t have a clue about the part they played in the Divine design for mankind’s future. They were simply living out the fickle nature of men and women succumbing to mass hysteria we now call “mass psychology”. 

Gone was the glorious adulation and palm waving entry into the city. Gone were the cries of Messiah and Lord. Gone were the folks who would have laid down their lives for the man on the donkey!

What’s the point of revisiting the reason for today’s Palm Sunday celebration? The point is about human nature. Human nature untouched by the Spirit of God. Human nature easily swayed for nefarious reasons by strong-willed folks who understand the power of mass psychology.

Human nature that has given up personal convictions to go along in order to get along!

Truth is, all of us can be fickle when circumstances demand. We can, in the twinkling of any eye, turn from being a warm receptive woman to cruel demanding tyrant if our lives depend on it. Not just our physical life, but our emotional, psychological and financial lives as well.

We may voice firm conviction for this or that only to turn away when faced with the possibility of losing the support of those who hold dramatically different convictions.  And in our naivete’ we can be swayed by the most persuasive silver-tongued charlatan’s if we fail to gain wisdom and discernment!

Why?  Well it’s simply basic human nature!

Over the past months as I’ve watched the persecution of Christians in the Middle East; I’ve questioned how firm I would hold to my convictions if faced with a cruel death for my faith.

Would I stand firm and let the Holy Spirit speak through me, holding onto faith till the bitter end? Or would I falter in the wake of heads rolling and burning bodies in order to save my weak human skin?

We can never really know which side of Palm Sunday we’d come down on until faced with the reality of a life or death situation!

For that reason, can I convict the Palm Sunday crowds for their fickle faith that gave way a few days later, pronouncing a death sentence on an innocent Man? Can I hold them responsible for the Lord’s excruciating and humiliating death on the cross because their convictions were less than skin deep?

Not hardly!

If I can’t be sure I wouldn’t utter the cry “crucify him – crucify him” because to stand against the crowd is a tough courageous decision to make in the face of an angry mob. . .

Then perhaps I best withhold judgment of those whose fickle nature ruled the day. At least until the Lord places me in a similar situation into which He grants me the courage to shout “spare Him – spare Him” . . . when I’m the only voice willing to do so!

Then and only then can I pass judgment on the fickle nature of human kind that has yet to be resurrected with Him by the power of His nature and Spirit!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.


  1. Jana Denninger on March 29, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    WOW, Linda…what a powerful post…the kind that gives one goosebumps!!!

  2. linda on March 29, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Thanks much Jana! Appreciate your kind comments!

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