Reflections of a ‘Vintage Woman’!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 12, 2019 /

How I Got Here. . . This past Monday, friend Harold had to have some lab work done. As usual, there was a short wait. Being the antsy woman I can sometimes be, I picked up a copy of Entrepreneur magazine with Jonathan and Drew Scott on the cover. If you watch the HGTV channel,…

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"It All Starts With A Dream" ~ A Woman's Wednesday Wisdom!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 12, 2016 /

For a number of years, I blogged daily. Short, warm, incisive and often pithy posts of less than 200 words. I called them “Daily Doses”. And they were designed to encourage, inspire, needle and otherwise spur women to think deeply and then take bold decisive action based on such thought!  Today I’m pressed for time.…

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Fire In The Soul? A Woman's Tuesday Topic!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 4, 2016 /

When I saw this image posted at the AWIBoutiques Facebook page; I nearly jumped out of my skin. You see, images and sayings such as these “light my fire”. In fact, I’m fond of challenging others with the question “what turns you on?”  In other words. . . “what lights your fire?”  Without a sense of…

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"Darn-It's Taking Too Long!" AWI for Women in Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 4, 2015 /

The best things in life take time. Gestation of a human infant takes 9 months – 39 weeks to be exact. The more perfection built into what is being birthed; the longer the period of time to birth. Nothing worth having in our lives comes without sacrifice at some level; a bit of discomfort-even pain…

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"A Heavy Heart, Faith & The Promise!" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 22, 2015 /

Recently I came home from an important meeting with a heavy heart. I felt on the verge of tears; but they wouldn’t come. Not only was my heart heavy with tears that wouldn’t flow; I felt a sense of anger beneath the heaviness that could find no appropriate place for expression. Nor could I put my…

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"Lessons Learned at the Movies" – Women and Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 8, 2015 /

Tuesday is $5.00 day at our local movie theater. Folks crowd the lobby and huddle about the concession stand to take advantage of the $3.00 small popcorn and coke special. For less than $20.00, friend and I can enjoy one of my favorite pastimes – going to the movies! This week we saw “The Intern“. …

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Who Knew? The Future for Women in Business!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 30, 2015 /

“Nine out of every ten firms in the United States is a microbusiness – who knew?!” “And, microbusinesses are one of the fastest growing and best positioned business groups to ride the current economic storm. Read Dawn Rivers Baker’s excellent article on 5 Key Microbusiness Trends for 2009 for more on this.” (From the SBA…

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The WOMEN'S Neighborhood~"A" is for Attitude & Altitude!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / January 8, 2015 /

I recall an old adage that says something about altitude being related to attitude. Since both words begin with “A” and this is the day to launch “Alphabet Soup”; it seems appropriate to begin in this manner. Whatever the adage is, the truth is that attitude has everything to do with the altitude to which…

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Women, Life & Business ~ Something Borrowed!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 29, 2014 /

The laptop was unopened for days prior to this moment. In many ways, it was refreshing – I do after all have a new smartphone that kept me in touch with the cyber world over the Christmas holiday. Many thoughts rummaged in my mind as I thought about what to write on the Monday before…

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Women, Life & Business~Process, Priorities & Purpose

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 11, 2014 /

We know that life – and business – are a process. We may not like it, but it’s simply the way it is. One definition found in defines process as: “[A process is] a series of progressive and interdependent steps by which an end is attained“. Equally, it also states that process is: “a continuous action,…

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