When It's Cool to be Cool!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 28, 2018 /

When It’s Cool to be Cool! Provocative title I think. Provocative because it could mean almost anything – and be about almost anything. But this post is about us business women, Christian specifically, who are seen as “cool” because we wear our introversion on our sleeve. I can say this because more often than not,…

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"Talk To Me!"~ Wisdom for Christian Business Women!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 23, 2018 /

“Talk to Me,” . . . BUT Please BE KIND! The advent of social media and all things electronic have changed the way we communicate. While it’s awesome to text with another Christian business woman halfway around the world; it’s not nearly as warm and personal as doing so face to face; something mostly impossible before…

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'Steal' If You Must. . .But Make It Something Valuable!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 17, 2017 /

‘Steal’ If You Must. . .But Make It Something of Value! Each week I get 2 newsletters that I waste no time opening. One is from Owner Media‘s Rob Hatch and the other is his partner, Chris Brogan. Together, they are one of the leading teams of business experts who impart their knowledge and wisdom…

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When Facebook Becomes a B_ _ _ h! Tips From the AWI Desk!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / July 1, 2016 /

So it’s about community you say. Or as Seth Godin calls it,  “a tribe”. That’s the theme of the past several week’s posts at “TIPS” and this week is no exception.  It is about “community” or “tribes” as described by Seth Godin in his best seller of the same name! But not just any ole’ faux community…

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"Is Facebook a Necessary Evil?"

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 8, 2016 /

I’ve said this over and over again the past several years. It’s one of the addictive things that I want to rid from my life; but feel to do so would be business and professional suicide. While the ad nausea stream of cat photos and ridiculous selfies is almost more than I can stomach, I visit…

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Women's Sunday Series on Wednesday ~ @JC

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 29, 2014 /

If Jesus walked the face of the earth today; would this be His twitter handle? @JC Perhaps the more salient question is this: If Jesus walked the face of the earth today; would He use social media to get his message out to the masses?   Would He have a group on Linked In for the…

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