Are You Called To Be A Heretic? If Not, Get Out of the Way!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 18, 2015 /

I went to an online dictionary to get a definite definition of the word “community”. Because, that is after all, what our organization is about. Building community. Building a community of like-minded women in micro-business world wide. Women seeking success. Women seeking their own version of success. The description goes on and on. . .…

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"The Paradigm Shifts" ~ Women in Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 29, 2015 /

“When you have your own army of personal walking ambassadors, you’ll have referrals coming your way faster than you can handle them.” ~ Bob Burg and John David Mann, “The Go-Giver”. One of the best books on business – and life, is “The Go-Giver”. It’s a little book filled with more wisdom than one can imagine.…

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B.O.L.D. Confidence…Building the Dream…Bigger!

By Jana Denninger / July 24, 2015 /

When I began this series several Friday ago now,  my intention was to expose those areas in our lives that keep us from having the kind of confidence that will propel us to great heights of success.  That goal has not changed…in fact, I am more committed than ever to help those reading this series…

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Business Women ~ Take It From Greta

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 17, 2015 /

She’s well known! In fact, she’s known internationally and has one of television’s largest viewing audiences at 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. She’s tough as nails when it comes to interviews; challenging each and every guest seeking to get at the truth. Not only that, but she expresses her own views on current matters without…

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