"White Guilt" ~ True or False?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 9, 2018 /

I Digress! Today, I digress from a usual and customary post designed to enrich, encourage, inspire or otherwise positively impact women. Particularly Christian women in business. But after an incident early this week and an awesome article on Facebook today; I decided to digress and share my personal feelings about the state of our current…

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Why I don't strive for the "Work/Life" Balance Ideal

By Jennifer Sakowski / July 13, 2015 /

In the last (almost) 3 months I’ve been struggling.  A type of struggle that I know is common, but one that I go up against every single day.   That is the “Work/ Life Balance” struggle.   You are probably silently nodding in agreement. You’ve been there, right? You had that great, burning desire to…

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Sunday Series on Wednesday ~ Life Circumstances!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 3, 2014 /

They do happen! Life happens and many times there’s little we can do about the circumstances that enter and take command. It’s the unexpected that gets us most times as we’ve learned to deal with day to day situations that are cause for only minor ‘angst’. I’m taking this focus today because some “circumstances” have…

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