Planning Your Holiday Sales!

By susancouslin / August 14, 2015 /

I am sure you are thinking really Susan; it is only the middle of August.   Trust me I can’t believe how this summer has gone by, but this is the time to start planning your business for the holiday season.   I can tell you from my experience that most business that did not have a…

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Why I don't strive for the "Work/Life" Balance Ideal

By Jennifer Sakowski / July 13, 2015 /

In the last (almost) 3 months I’ve been struggling.  A type of struggle that I know is common, but one that I go up against every single day.   That is the “Work/ Life Balance” struggle.   You are probably silently nodding in agreement. You’ve been there, right? You had that great, burning desire to…

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Women, Life & Business ~ What's In A Word?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / January 5, 2015 /

Two things prompted this introductory post for 2015: 1). A TED conference I watched on the power and the reality of WORDS, and 2). My Momma’s “Alphabet Soup”! Words have meaning. As Scripture points out, words are living things. They have a life of their own and their meaning may be as individually unique to…

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It Takes A Neighborhood ~ Heart & Soul!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 31, 2014 /

Heart and soul. How much is it worth?  Commerce is built on a number of things – all of which are important. Many build on a desire to stockpile a large monetary fortune. Others build on a desire for fame – being known for their business prowess and creative mind.  Still others start with altruism…

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Women, Life & Business ~ WOW! Blog Post in the Making

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 10, 2014 /

It took me much of the day; but it’s in the que! Next Wednesday’s Women’s Sunday Series on Wednesday post. Nearly an entire week ahead of schedule. Why did it take me much of the day? Well there was an appointment out of the office; early dinner in order to attend youngest granddaughter’s last middle…

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Women, Life & Business ~ I Choose to Blog! Now What?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 7, 2014 /

Yesterday I talked about blogging, including the expertise from an awesome group called Hubspot. I laid out 2 of their 4 reasons for the importance of blogging for business reasons. Today’s post speaks to the other reasons Hubspot says it’s a great way to produce business leads that will eventually convert to business growth. So…

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Women, Life & Business ~ To Blog or Not To Blog. . .

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 6, 2014 /

To paraphrase the great bard, Shakespeare – that is the question!  In the days of modern technology when we can reach a world of women (and men) around the world with the click of a “like”; a 120 character tweet or via other social media platforms; I wonder why more women in business choose not to…

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Women, Life & Business: Neighborhood Boutiques ~ Why?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 29, 2014 /

It began with a simple divine directive. “Online Coaching“. I had one idea in mind; but Heavenly PAPA had quite another. As is so often the case; His idea’s are much larger than our own.  Such is the case with Neighborhood Boutiques. Part n’ parcel of a plan much larger than I ever dreamed when…

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Women, Life & Business ~ Are You Willing? A Few Tips!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 25, 2014 /

Everything in life has a cost. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. Folks advertise this or that thing as “free”; but someone paid the price to offer it at no cost! Yesterday I read the following post from leadership guru, John C. Maxwell entitled “Are You Willing To Pay the Price for Your…

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Women ~ When Dreams Become Reality!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 23, 2014 /

We all dream. We all hope. If we did not; we would wither and die on the vine. Not literally but figuratively. Scripture says that when we lose our vision; we lose our hope. And when we lose hope – we perish! But here’s the catch. While we dream, we often fail to execute. In…

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