"Damn, I Lost It!" ~ A Woman's Tuesday Topic

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 11, 2016 /

You know the old expression – “use it or lose it!” Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way that the saying is 100% true. I had a big booming operatic voice when young. I studied church music and secretly for the opera. “Secretly” because my Dad did not take kindly to my learning anything…

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"How Much Are You Worth?" Women in Business!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / May 10, 2016 /

Over the past 8+ years, I’ve written many blog posts. Usually they fade from view in a few months and land in what I call the “AWI Archives”. . . forgotten until something jogs my memory.  A few weeks ago I inputted a new blog title, “What Are We Worth?” Lo and behold it’s not a…

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To Care Deeply. . .

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 10, 2016 /

Is there something in life about which you care deeply? Something that has such a strong hold on your heart that you would never think of letting go? As a woman of deep Christian faith, I was taught that the only deeply cared about something i should have in my life is Jesus. And a personally…

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"Cut the Drama!" ~ Women & Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 11, 2015 /

Every business person – male or female, is focusing on goal-setting about this time of year. I am doing the same thing. However, I’m looking at business development relative to a new year (any new year for that matter) from a slightly different angle. The “emotional” angle.  You might say that the “emotional angle” is relative…

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"I Need A Break!" ~ Women and Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 13, 2015 /

“I NEED A BREAK!“ That was me a few weeks ago announcing to all within earshot that I needed time off. Although all caps indicated I was screaming – the scream was internal. My heart, mind and soul screamed the need while I maintained a calm voice and cool exterior. One of the aspects of…

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"Which Mountain is Mine?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / July 26, 2015 /

Last week I went off on a bit of rant about ministry in general and what it is in a more specific context than is currently viewed by conventional wisdom. In my heart and mind, this is an extremely important subject for women of faith to explore and discover where each of us fits into…

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The Balanced Believer ~ Women's Sunday Series!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 8, 2015 /

I cringed as I approached the man shouting Scripture at everyone who passed by. It was the Christmas season and the weather had turned cold and blustery. I was in a hurry to get around a corner teeming with holiday shoppers. I wasn’t the only person in a hurry to find a warm place out of the wind. Folks…

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It's About Time…and It's Priceless!!!

By Jana Denninger / February 20, 2015 /

I’m continually amazed at how quickly these Fridays roll around!  Why, it seems just like yesterday that I was writing last week’s “Friday the 13th” edition on NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES.  Now here I am once more, bringing yet another post on the topic of TIME. As I begin to bring this series to a close, it occurred…

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It's About Time…Let's Make the Most of It!

By Jana Denninger / February 13, 2015 /

It’s Friday…and it’s the 13th of the month!  Thankfully, I don’t have one superstitious bone in my body…so I declare this Friday the 13th to be one that will be overwhelmingly successful for you…in every way! With that said, I’m moving forward with my series on “TIME”…that elusive commodity that most of us wish we had more of!…

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It's About Time…So Don't Put It Off!

By Jana Denninger / January 23, 2015 /

Fridays certainly do roll around quickly these days…especially when one is in the midst of making preparations for a move, the actual move itself…and oh my, then there’s the post-move!   Moving is NOT the topic of today’s blog (I covered that one this past Tuesday on my Well Women site); however, since TIME is the…

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