Time To Be Real! Thoughts for Christian Business Women!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / January 26, 2018 /

Thoughts for Christian Business Women! The past several weeks, I’ve dealt with an injury and subsequent health issue brought on by the injury. As pain spread throughout my body, fog spread across my mind. My brain descended into dark recesses of anger, depression and abject ugliness clouded my usually confident self! I snarled at almost everything…

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Sacred Moments. When It's Not Time for Business!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 10, 2017 /

Sacred Moments. There are moments when we must step back from our desire to promote our products and services. First and foremost, life is after all, about the business of life. If you think life is not business; then try going a while without a budget, or fumbling through a stack of bills and overdue…

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It All Comes Down To. . .

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 6, 2017 /

It All Comes Down To. . . What we feel about life in general and events specifically. What happens around us does impact how we feel and how we respond to what occurs on a daily basis. Late last Sunday evening, a horrific event occurred half way across the country to folks most of us…

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A Confession ~ The WOMEN'S Neighborhood!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 5, 2015 /

There are times in life when we just have to ‘fess up’. This is one of those times for me. For no other reason than I’ve been struggling with something for months – maybe years. So perhaps confessing it to all of you who read this will not only be helpful to me – but to…

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