"Stop Trivializing My Life!" ~ Women's Sunday Series

The Christian life is not easy. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is exciting at first – even joyous much of the time; but no one I know who sought to obediently live it by PAPA’s commands ever said it is easy.  I Am the Way 08 15 2015In fact, learning to submit and let more of Him and less of me be the norm of our lives is anything but trite and trivial.

So why bring it up here? Why the accusatory tone of the title? A title which suggests some seek to make the life I struggle to live in obedience to heavenly Father’s direction equivalent to a simple cutesy saying on the neighborhood church sign.  Or some clever quote popped up on social media that suggests all believers must type “amen” and “share” if they agree. And I assume by “agree and share” means if we don’t – then perhaps there’s something wrong with our faith life.

Trite, trivial and cute doesn’t cut it for those of us who know the Christian life is about a living relationship rather than religion and religious practices! TWEET THIS

The true Christian life is one in which we must grow up again from the inside out. We must unlearn all we knew previously and learn from PAPA’s perspective. It can sometimes feel a bit schizophrenic – one foot in our human knowledge and the other in knowledge from on high.

Spiritual knowledge that often differs dramatically from what we learned in Sunday school. Even what we hear from many pulpits in a day when the Christian church dares not offend or challenge conventional wisdom. Preachers who either tickle our ears with innocuous statements that let us off the hook all too easily – or scare us into thinking we’re all going to hell for reading anything but the old KJV.  Nothing in between. And nothing that dares dig deep into our souls.

Is it any wonder that the modern church appears to be fading from the cultural landscape?

Let me share what prompted this slight rant about the state of faith life in the information age and social media:

1. Anyone can say anything and post it – It used to be that the only considered experts on the Christian life were pastors, preachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles. We now know that is not totally true. Many of the aforementioned can teach error the same as the next one.  And they often do. Except that now their words spread far and wide with the most gullible eager to hang on every syllable. Not only hang, but retweet; post and repost, comment and comment again until an argument ensues declaring no one a winner!

But the danger in this is that folks new in the Lord, eager to grow and become can be easily mislead because they are eager and hungry. Who is there to correct the error or see that the eager and hungry are fed the truth – rather than error?

2. It’s more than “amen and share” – The Christian life is intended to be one in which we grow into the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is designed by a loving PAPA who knows what each of us needs – individually – to become the woman or man He has designed us to be. It isn’t one size fits all!  

And it isn’t furthered by trite and cute. It is furthered when knowledgeable wise folks post the truth that will set us free because the words were handed down the spiritual pipeline from PAPA’s lips to the Christ-like mind of the knowledgeable and wise! And it will always line up with Scripture to be confirmed by two or more of His knowledgeable and wise folks whose minds are open to spiritual truths handed to them from on high! And it may not sound like it came straight from the old KJV!

3. Clever sayings may be true, but will they impact the natural mind – I think this every time I pass a church sign that grabs attention because it’s cute and clever. It may indeed be true; but I wonder about the person who has yet come to know the Lord personally. Will the words on the sign or Facebook post convict them and turn their hearts and minds to PAPA’s perspective?

I realize He can use anything to get our attention; but wouldn’t it be better to let Him devise the words? When that is the case, we can be assured someone will be impacted in a way that the Kingdom will have reason to celebrate a new arrival.He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures with text

4. So what does that Scripture passage really mean for me today – One of my favorite pet peeves is quoting Scripture without unpacking it for those whose minds are yet more natural than spiritual. Especially when the language is a bit foreign to our ears. Tell me what I can expect when I read “He makes me lie down in green pastures”!

Help me understand when life has snatched a loved one from my life and you post old English to my aching modern heart? What does it mean for me in this moment of grief that feels as if I might never be dry eyed again? Help me find solace whether a mature believer – or one so new in the Lord that embryonic fluid still covers my soul!

I don’t mean to demean. Nor do I intend to belittle the intent of those who want to use modern technology and social media to advance the Kingdom. What I do want us to take away is a desire to be thoughtful about how we advance the Kingdom. And who we are addressing when we post, tweet and otherwise share our believing hearts with the world.

If our desire is to reach those who have yet come to know the Lord personally; then our message ought reflect such. But if we’re seeking to speak to the more mature believer who has walked long, hard and with an ever deepening faith commitment – the message ought be different. It ought not be cute – clever – or trite – in either circumstance.

Ought always go to the heart of the matter – and to the heart of the reader!

It ought never appear to trivialize those of us who have walked through the valley of the shadow and continue to seek His green pastures as we grow into His image and likeness over the years!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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  1. Stella Chiu on August 16, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Hi, Linda

    I can relate to your concern.
    Many people trivialize the verses in Social Media. The most dangerous thing is they interpret the verses with their head instead the inspiration from the Holy Spirit. In addition, they send out messages from the partial section of the whole story without consider the background, what group of people the author addressed to, and the social setting of the sotry.

    On the other hand, the titles of preaches, pastors, or evanglists do not qualify anyone to be “experts” of Bible. Why I say that? There are many examples that the heads of the church do not act according to the Bible either. Some of pastors don’t allow females to preach in their Church. That put Jesus as racist.

    It is sad to see the situation like that, the way I handle that is seriously meditation on the verses and rely Holy Spirit to lead me to the truth.

    Thanks for addressing the issue.- Stella

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