'Steal' If You Must. . .But Make It Something Valuable!

‘Steal’ If You Must. . .But Make It Something of Value!

Each week I get 2 newsletters that I waste no time opening. One is from Owner Media‘s Rob Hatch and the other is his partner, Chris Brogan. Together, they are one of the leading teams of business experts who impart their knowledge and wisdom via something called “Owner Media” designed for those of us in business. They focus on providing valuable stuff we can actually use to build our businesses and show how to do so.

The following is Chris’s newsletter from Sunday, November 5, and I “stole” it because I think it has value for us all! And it hit my mind at the junction point where 2 minds are focused on the same thing without knowing that is happening. I’ll say more about that later; but first I want to share Chris’ letter in its entirety. . .

Hola, Linda

I’m in New York with Jacq because we went to a charity event run by the wonderful Sol Orwell. There were chocolate chip cookies. An abundance of them. So I have coffee this morning and a tiny bit of a belly ache. (Not complaining.) 🙂

Everything has changed. Again. Only, it’s not as obvious.

Social Media is a Hazy Smog Swam

In almost every social media and social networking platform, there were a few different forces at work.

  • The company behind any of the platforms needed volume of usage so they could sell ads against that volume. More= better for the companies.

  • The users of the platform benefit when someone gives them their attention, PROVIDED the users did something with that attention in an effort to convert it to something else. Clicks = better for the users.

  • The brands on these platforms were told “produce ‘content’ and it will earn you ‘engagement.’” But this got translated poorly in execution more often than not. Blather = better for brands.

It gets worse.

The Companies Tune Their Platforms for Revenue

As they should. BUT. What that means and how that translates on some of the platforms is this:

  • Facebook – no one sees your page unless you pay.
  • Twitter – no one sees your tweet unless they very deliberately seek it out.
  • YouTube – your content must be entertaining to be found, but most also be ad-friendly.
  • LinkedIn – well, maybe you can pretend we’re businessfacebook. It’s mostly media up front and recruiter tools in the back.
  • Instagram – people can see your stuff here, but no clickable links except for your bio makes it mostly worthless as a pure marketing tool.

But what does it all mean for YOU?

Everything You’re Doing is Wrong (But It’s Not Entirely Your Fault)

The other day, with some of the Owner Insiders, I had more than a few people asking me about what other content they should be creating and how to keep blogging more/faster/better, etc.


Because the SYSTEM seems to reward “more.” Churn out something. Churn out lots of it. Maybe someone will see some of it. – Wrong.

Because some guru boogerface told you to “make content” and “write great list posts” and “use photos for engagement” and then customers will show up. – Wrong

Because just writing and posting and making stuff of no real value for the community you serve is never ever ever ever going to earn you potential new customers.

Let’s do some advice, okay? Free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Okay, first things first.

Be your own damn self.

Some of you who read my newsletter get really grumpy if I curse. I tend to curse from time to time. Not often. And you know, I try to keep a civil tongue.

But my advice is to be the real you. There’s NO benefit in “crafting” some version of you that doesn’t match who you are.

Only communicate when there’s value.

Media is communication. If you’re sharing this or that tweet or article, make sure it’s something of value to the people you hope to serve.

There’s zero statistical proof that lobbing junk at people all day earns you more money.

This means if you’re “posting daily because a guru told me to do it,” stop it.

One last detail: value is two-way. Give the people who follow you something they want and invite them to come get something you sell that you feel will help them.

Get better.

Social media is just a bunch of software. Storytelling is a core human endeavor. Learn to tell better stories.

  • Good stories are only as long as they have to be. (Brevity is gold.)
  • Good stories use your own words and are unique to you and your style. (Stop copycatting.)
  • Good stories inspire next actions. (We all leave the movie theater wanting to be Batman.)

That’s it. Three very small, simple (but not easy) pieces of advice on how to rescue “social media” from itself.

But my honest opinion? It may be too late. Nothing significant comes to my business via social media. The best it does is earn me the right to invite people to my newsletter. That’s it. 

So why are YOU investing so much time and energy in it, especially when that’s not reflected in your most basic statistic: $$$$.

You and I exist to serve others and help them grow and thrive.

That doesn’t require our tweets.

It requires that we connect and serve.



I shared this because Chris is saying exactly what I’ve been thinking now for some time. Thinking as we seek to do something different with  AWI and The Boutiques. Something that will truly add value to the Christian women in business who join us in community in order to grow personally, professionally – and yes, spiritually.

So stay tuned as we fine tune our business to provide value you won’t find elsewhere in social media!



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Image compliments of the Owner Media Group Inc Facebook page! And yes I have Chris’ permission to post his excellent Sunday November 5, 2017 e-letter! I quote: “My pleasure! Use it as you see fit. 🙂

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