"So What's Your Angle?" Women and Micro-Business!

Do you ever get tired of social media? social-media-imageI mean, you’d like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to just go away? Not forever – but for just one day?

Well guess what – I do! I mean I’d like to get up in the morning knowing that I didn’t have to fire up the laptop to find a gazillion items to respond to plus the usual (and not so usual) Neighborhood Boutiques things to attend to.

I’d like to take my first cup of java to the front porch and pretend I didn’t have an agenda for the day other than to just do what ever feels good. You know – rest, relaxation and not a business thought in a million miles of my brain!

It’s unrealistic I know, but I can dream can’t I?

I’ve been studying when the above feeling floods over me and I want to throw the blankety-blank computer off a cliff. It’s when I read through my Facebook home stream and find a gazillion “how-to” posts telling me the way to gain a gazillion customers/clients is do it this way! You know, the gurus as well as the not-so-gurus who want my money in exchange for them telling me it worked this way for them so it must work the same for me.

BS I think. I’m not you, so buddy don’t tell me I have to do what you did to be successful and gain a gazillion customer-clients to deal with. What would I single-handedly do with them once they landed in my lap? How would I keep up with the myriad moment-to-moment things required to keep a gazillion customer-clients happy. I mean – who wants to work that hard? Who wants to never have a moment to breath.

Just the thought takes my breath away and anxiety comes knocking!

Some time ago, I wrote a post about everyone has an angle. AngleAnd they do. I might think I don’t; but I too have one. It’s vastly different than the guru’s in my stream; but an angle nonetheless.

As I fired up the laptop and turned my attention to this week’s “Women and Micro-Business” post, I realized that my angle is so different the guru’s would scoff – no heartedly laugh out loud. They’d say I didn’t have a clue and then toddle off to tickle the ears of other unsuspecting potential customer-clients.

So let’s see what you think!

I believe women in business – micro; small, medium or huge are women first. That we don’t give up our humanity or womanhood to go into business. We need to educate and inform ourselves of course; but we don’t have to hide who we are. In fact, with the advent of social media, it’s critically important we don’t!

Last weekend, Cindy Gardner, owner of Gardner Promotional Solutions and a Neighborhood Boutique member celebrated her eldest son’s wedding. She wrote about it in her Monday blog. I celebrated the graduation of my grandson and wrote about it in our “Women’s Sunday Series“. We barely touched on what we do in the world of commerce; instead we shared a piece of ourselves – our ‘souls’ so to speak.

I believe as women in micro-business who heavily depend on social media, we must be ourselves! We must be women first and let others experience us as such.

Further, my ‘angle‘ for success is that we become the WHO we are designed to be! And whatever we choose to DO will succeed because we become women of strong character, integrity, honest and trustworthy. We take the risk of being vulnerable and transparent – letting others know the pain of our own failures and the difficulties with rising again. We let them know that we are growing in every aspect of our lives and share that growth for the benefit of those who follow us.

And we don’t hide behind a mask of all business because some guru tells us that’s what we must do to be successful. Because that’s what they’ve done! Well it may have worked for them; but that doesn’t mean it will for me – for you.

We are called to become. We’re not there yet – in fact I don’t know a woman who is (or a man for that matter). We are a work in progress. And when we share our progress as women with others; they too will grow and become.

Now who do you think will be our best prospective customer-clients? Those who experience our womanhood because we’ve let them know us. They may never have met us face-to-face – or ever meet us face-to-face. But they will know us because we dared be WHO we are and WHO we are becoming.

It takes courage to do that. Leadership-Takes-CourageCourage no guru can give you – for any amount of money. And it’s that courage and conviction that is attractive to others. Because the world has become accustomed to those with an angle that is nothing more than business-as-usual-with-a-slight-twist. And a dollar spread that says more about what the guru isn’t than what he/she is!

So if you take nothing from this post than the courage to let your hair down and share a bit about yourself as a woman first; then do so. Let the world of social media be about YOU – and about those with whom you connect. Ask them to share themselves with you. There’s time enough to learn what they do. And time enough to let them know what you do.

Of course, if you think my ‘angle’ might have some merit, I challenge you to give it a try. I think in the grand scheme of life and micro-business; you might find it has as much merit as if it had been shared with you by one of today’s guru’s who’s reaching for your purse. And this didn’t cost you more than a moment or two of your time!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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