Short, Sweet and True ~ Or Is It?

Today’s mantra at our Facebook group is “Know Thyself and Love Thyself”. Just as we are today. Not as we were yesterday; but as we are right this moment. iyanla-vanzant-know-accept-love-thyself-7s8c (1)

Many of us simply don’t want to face ourselves in raw form! We prefer to put on a daily mask and go about life pretending we’re something – or someone else. We may hang onto twinges of guilt from past mistakes or misadventures. 

We may fear the future because the past has held failures about which we are not proud. We want to hide all that was from what is – and pretend what was never happened.

Here’s the unvarnished truth:

1. We are who we are. We are the sum total of all life experiences – good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Even the “bad” and “ugly” have made us who we are today. And if we’re breathing and walking upright, then those experiences from which we seek to hide have had an impact that brought us to the woman we are today. And the reality is we survived them; learned from them and have walked on to become better today than before!

RELISH that thought! REVEL in it. CELEBRATE it! 

Take off the mask of “oh I don’t want anyone to know who I was then” and put on the face of who you are now in spite of – and with the full knowledge that had you not been foolhardy, you would not know the wisdom you know now!

2. We don’t have to stay where we are. That is unless we choose to do so. And “choose” is exactly what we do. Unless we dig our heels in and refuse to grow and change; today, we will become more of who we are designed to be and tomorrow a bit more. 

Moving forward is never difficult unless we have determined it is so. Growth and change from who I was yesterday is actually an act of freedom. I make a free choice to leave yesterday behind; take a small step forward today and accept what will come tomorrow!

So perhaps it’s safe to take off the mask of “never again” and let the face of wisdom and grace glow for the world to see!

3. Tomorrow I will not be who I am today. If we have made a conscious choice to grow and become; then tomorrow is a new day. The “mask” I’ve donned today will change with the turn of the clock. If I’ve taken that wee small step to become; then the face I present to the world will be a tad different than it is today.

Choose today that the mask you’ll wear tomorrow is the realty and truth of who you have been – who you are – and who you will become.

In other words, take off the mask that hides your beauty. A beauty that includes the scars of past blemishes. A beauty that is today’s reality. And a beauty that anticipates the graces of a promised tomorrow in which wisdom and confidence awaits.

Today, I plan on being true to me. Will you join me?



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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