Sacred Moments. When It's Not Time for Business!

Sacred Moments.

There are moments when we must step back from our desire to promote our products and services. First and foremost, life is after all, about the business of life. If you think life is not business; then try going a while without a budget, or fumbling through a stack of bills and overdue notices. Or making arrangements to pay bills owed by a deceased loved one who left this life in a hurry without a moment’s notice that he or she was leaving!

This past week, the nation experienced the ‘trauma’ of another mass shooting. It came just days after a lone terrorist took the life of innocent bicyclists and strollers along one of NYC’s most scenic avenues.

“Are we numb yet,” was the question that flashed across my mind when “breaking news” broke on TV. But this past Sunday’s event in small town Texas was mind-numbing to say the least. It was beyond comprehension, and hit me like a ton of bricks.

No I didn’t know any of the victims – personally that is. What I do know is that each child who trembled in terror as bullets flew was “my child” or “my grandchild”. And the 8 members of one family were members of my own family.

In those moments as “breaking news” broke into regular programming; all other thoughts, chores and other leisurely Sunday activities gave way to a flood of tears and grief-at-heart for those who were now grieving for real!

Each post to Facebook that brought the tragedy too near for comfort broke open a wound for which no words are adequate and tears the only answer to the sorrow and disbelief!

Last Sunday evening. . . all over the USA, was a sacred moment. A moment which caused multitudes of folks to stop, cry, pray and ask “why”!

When It’s Not a Time for Business!

Monday morning comes, and the world awakes to a new normal (unfortunately I fear). It’s a new week to get things done. It’s nearing the end of another year and much to be accomplished toward the goals we set nearly 12 months ago. No time to grieve. No time to think about the horror that marched across our media just hours ago.

Gotta get on with life! After all, what can I do? What can any of us do? Pray, yes. Lament, perhaps. Shout for change, well some will take advantage of anything to further their particular cause. But really, we’re here. . . they are there, and life goes on.

But does it? Better still, should it? Or should we take a few more moments to simply forget the usual and customary to focus on keeping sacred a time in which so many innocents died – for no Godly reason that any reasonable person could imagine!

Perhaps it wasn’t a “time for business” after all! Perhaps to so quickly pull back into marketing mode less than 24 hours after a national tragedy is a bit crass – and telling of who we are as folks in business.

No, perhaps more telling of us who think of ourselves as believers with compassionate natures who would never, but never be crass or uncaring. But again, what can I do? I’m here, and they are there. What can I really do to ease their pain and unspeakable grief!

What Rattled My Chain!

What really got to me as Monday morning dawned and I opened my phone to check emails, early a.m. messages and yes. . . Facebook? It was women I know, who are Christian women in business returning to the usual and customary self-promotion with which they begin every day. I know they do because I see it in my news feed.

I seethed! Could they not wait 24 hours before beating their chests with this product or that service they just know is the bright shiny object you’ve been searching for? Their book, or setting speaking engagements – this thing or that. On with adding to their personal purse because can’t let a moment rest in which personal aggrandizement takes place.

But Linda, life goes on. And we’re here and they are there. And what can we do?

Sacred Moments & Quiet Reflection

Rumor has it that our thoughts are powerful. Gurus tell us that we must think positive thoughts because if we don’t, we’ll not achieve that which we most desire. We know that prayer is powerful and prayer is both thoughts – and words. In fact, I’ve come to realize that most often the ‘perfect prayer’ is silence before PAPA God. Let Him speak. Even if He doesn’t, the sweet communion of two minds – human and Divine has a power which we cannot fathom.

There are some life events that are such sacred moments that the only true response is quiet reflection. A time away from the humdrum of the usual and customary. A time in which we quiet our inner life and let God intervene on behalf of those whose lives are torn by loss. Just to reflect on our own blessed fortunes and to express gratitude for same can bring peace to our hearts as we let compassion for those less fortunate overrule the need for the day’s dollars and cents.

Discerning the Time and Season!

To everything thing there is a season. A time under Heaven. A time to laugh and a time to grieve. I paraphrase the wonderful wisdom of Solomon from the Book of Ecclesiastes. While we were not the object of someone’s evil intent; we are nevertheless all part of the human condition. We share our brother and sister’s joy. And we ought likewise, share their sorrow.

There will be ample time to make a dime another day!



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