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Up to this year. I would have said I don’t have a political bone in my body. Yes, I declared a party and yes I voted in the elections; but I never participated to any extent in the process called “political”. 

But over the past several years, I have drifted more and more toward the political process with a modicum of fervor that is now reaching what one would call – fever pitch. No I’m not at rally’s and I’ve yet to put out a local candidates yard sign, but I’m paying more attention than I have in my entire life. And I’m excited with what I see, hear and experience.

Now before I go on – let me assure you this is not a political post. I’m not going to pitch a candidate or two nor am I going to go on about one party line over another.

I am, however, going to talk about what the rallying cry of believers looks like! lance-wallnau-teaching_mini

This Sunday Series was primarily prompted by a prophetic post from Dr. Lance Wallnau. Lance is a trainer, highly sought after consultant and educator as well as a major prophetic voice in the church today. I trust him and I trust the word he shares. And he’s talking the current political scene from God’s perspective and nudging the sleeping giant called “church” to awaken and take charge as called to do!

The sleeping giant called “church” has been asleep at the switch for a long, long time! TWEET THIS

And we all know who church“really is? It’s you and me baby!

Gone are the days of the charismatic movement that rocked the traditional church with it’s own version of tongues of fire. I’m fond of telling friends that the church which has fire on the cross as its logo, is the one in which I grew up and when I was doing so – there really was fire on the cross!

The fervor of John and Charles Wesley, John Knox, Calvin and others who set the believing world afire, left when church became a charitable organization with buildings to maintain and huge salaries to pay. It was pushed aside when each denomination felt a need to protect its “turf” from the encroachment of an “other” denomination which just arrived in town with a firebrand for a pastor!  

Here’s the crux of the matter (interesting choice of word – crux. One meaning is “a cross”). We have come to this point in history – political history, where the church is almost irrelevant. It’s people lulled to sleep by pastors who either tickle their ears with the latest fancy; or scare them out of their wits with the fear of going to hell for daring to breath! No middle ground. No common God-sense and certainly no Biblical base for either!  TRUMP ET

Into this mess comes the Lord. And He comes with prophecy that includes the word “Trumpet“. You’ll capture the irony if you remember the Old Testament story of Cyrus!

He declares through the lips of His modern day prophets that He’s coming first to judge His folks – the church that contains His folks. And His judgment is in the form of stirring the soul to fervor in order to awaken that which has been slumbering. 

Slumbering while the foxes have raided the hen house! Slumbering while all hell has broken loose in a culture headed off a hedonistic cliff. Again all one has to do to be stuck by the analogy is to remember the Old Testament tales of Moloch!

So what is the “rallying cry” of a believer?

I believe it’s the simple word “BOLD”. Bold, brave and ballsy. BOLD to the point of caring not if others are offended, but desiring the unvarnished truth be told, and willing to let the chips fall_ _ _

I believe it’s the BOLDNESS of a woman or man who will step up to the plate knowing she or he will be crucified for doing so.

I believe it’s hordes of heart-strong believers determined to turn this nation back to the Father of this nation.

So what will it take to do so? Or perhaps the better question is “who” will it take?

It will take mature folks fearless of the outcome of taking brave, bold stands. It will take strong prophetic voices unwilling to compromise the message for the sake of political correctness (whatever that is).  

It will take men and women who’ve had enough of a church with it’s head in the sand, willing to rally across denominational as well as party lines.

And it will take leadership with the balls to get it done – regardless of the gender who owns the “balls”!  

Finally it will take folks who view religion as the pariah of our times. Folks willing to overturn the tables in back rooms where the funds are counted,. Folks without a care for what modern day pharisees can do to us. Folks willing to call a spade a spade; and a whitened tomb – a whitened tomb.

To the tomb’s face I might add!

I leave the following question for you to ponder _ _ _

Have you awakened from a long winter’s nap – ready for battle?

Or are you still slumbering while the enemies of Rome blow on the embers of her demise?



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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