"Out With the Crap!" ~ Women's Wednesday Wisdom

Another from the archives of “The Connection Station” at AWI. I love this one because it’s so perfect for the last few weeks of an old year; as we prepare for the new.

Funny thing about us humans! We have an uncanny ability to hold onto things that have long since lost their meaning and in fact, have become detrimental to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Yet they are so familiarly comfortable in the bane of our existence that we barely recognize they have become “crap”!

So as we prepare to close out 2016, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with an objective eye and pitchfork in hand to learn those things that need to be tossed on the trash heap and burned to the ground! burn-away-lifes-crap-11-16-2016

“I know, the title doesn’t sound very lady-like. But the truth is we all have ‘crap’ we need to work through, and end of a year is a good time to do it!

I’ve discovered over many ‘vintage’ years, that just when we think we’re pretty altogether; something smacks us in the face that says “oh you think so?” And along comes another load of “you know what” that needs our attention & a pitch fork.

You may ask what I’m talking about when I say “crap”. I mean anything that impedes our progress toward who we are designed to be. And what we are destined to do. And I mean anything! Or anyone.

Sometimes, that which most needs to be discarded is life relationships.

Marriages that have long ceased to be what marriage is designed to be and have become destructive to both parties.  

Friendships that have outworn their positive impact on each other & have become detrimental to say the least.

Careers that have grown old, tired and crusty about the edges.

Jobs that don’t inspire or intrigue.

That which saps our energy and drags us into a hole where we least want to be. Let me make a strong suggestion for your consideration. . .

Take off the rose-colored glasses and look with unvarnished eyes at the truth of our lives. Determine that which absolutely must go.

If need be grieve the loss of same; but don’t let sadness or lack of comfort in the decisions we make deter the determination to clear the path of life.

Then pick up the pitchfork and start shoveling the pile of crap that stands in the way of the life we truly desire!” 



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